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No header in histories files

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I'm taking the risk of stating the obvious here. But I had to poke around sometime to get the answer in the forum so here's a note about the issue.

The template file for histories files advice you to NOT put a header in your text, but instead put it in a variable called '$yourtitle' . This however will not create a header on your page.

After a while I found a comment on this forum that pointed in the right direction. However, as knowing nothing about php, it took me some trial-and-error to get it right. The solution was this.

Do as you are adviced and put the title in $yourtitle. Then ad the following line before the body of your text:

  <h1><?php echo $yourtitle ?></h1>

That will give you a nice headline on top of your histories page. You can substitute the h1 tag with h2 etc I guess.

Best wishes,






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