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Google Map when using WAMP?

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I have just loaded TNG 12.03 using WAMP. I have a Google API key entered in Setup and have manually entered a few Latitudes and Longitudes. When I go under Public to search a person who has events in these places I see a blank space for the Event Map. On the right hand side I see the events for Born to Buried and if I click on the icon alongside each event a correct map appears but it is outside of TNG in a new window as if I had searched for it directly in Google Maps.

Is this behaviour because my system is set up on WAMP and not on a website?

The blank space for event viewer has a grey icon saying “Load the map” which shows


when I hover the mouse over it. If I click on “Load the map” it returns me to the top of the person’s page. I find no help document that tells me how to load the map and am quite confused.


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