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How to set or change ID numbers in a tree ?

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How do I change the ID numbers after the gedcom import, or before or during the import ?

I want the main (oldest) ancestor to be i1, wife i2, and all descendants in order of birth have subsequent numbers.

father= i1,  mother= i2

Child 1= i3

Child2= i4


Thank you !

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Well the short answer is "With extreme difficulty!"

I would question why you want to do this? 

Will you do it again when you find another "oldest ancestor"?

More conventional numbering would follow the ahnentafel system where you are 1, your father is 2, your mother is 3, your father's father is 4, your father's mother is 5, your mother's father is 6, your mother's mother is 7 - etc etc.

I really would caution against trying this.


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