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Control User Access in both TNG & Wordpress - with single user DB

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I want to be able control access on TNG and Wordpress -- I want to have only ONE user DB. The reason for this is mainly because I want to have forums and maybe a few other items that I wanted to restrict access to in the Wordpress pages. The majority of Wordpress items  will be public (other than forum).  The Majority of TNG items will be private/restricted to registered users.  I want to one sign-on for both TNG and Wordpress.  Wordpress is in my /root/  and TNG is in subfolder. Which I want to prevent access to TNG Php's by manipulating the URL's etc. I did use  Forum 10.x? on my older site, but I really would prefer a Wordpress Forum.

  • One option if there was a way to Wordpress to recognize the TNG users and access level and control access from the TNG users/ DB.
  • Second option  and might word better in the long run for both, is to use a Wordpress plugin to control access to both TNG and Wordpress.

My question is if anyone has tried and implemented either method -- what did you do, and why.  What were the challenges, pros, and cons?

Other thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks, Kevin


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You do not say whetherTNG and WP are integrated.

This is what I have done, for many years.

  • TNG and WP integrated using Mark Barnes method. Although I am seriously considering moving to KLOOSTERSMAN method.
  • I keep the 2 databases separate, keeping the users list identical.
  • I use wp plugin, Restrict Content by Role, to control access. This allows you to customize each page with conditional access.
  • My method is to grant subscriber privilages to new members and guests. Registered users are granted contributor role. Each page is customized to give access to a perticular role.
  • I also use a plugin,  Menu Items Visibility Control, to control who can see each individual menu item ( again subsciber, contributor, admin etc.)

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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