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display datetaken on Media pages and possibly sort by datetaken

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I think it would be useful to display "datetaken" of any media on media related list pages.

==> media of a specific person

==> all media

==> media admin page

Currently datetaken  is only shown on the admin sort page for media.

Current workaround is to include  additional information about date of relevance/ date of photo taken ... in the descriprion of media.
Why not use datetaken ?  

An "order by datetaken" would allow to sort media in chronogical order. 

Maybe an offer for different sort options like
... order by datetaken
... order by description
... order by last edit date
could improve flexibility and users level of satisfaction  

Or is there a possibility to modify the current version (TNG 12.03) on a local base 
to fulfill those demands ?

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