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A paradox, a paradox, a most inexplicable paradox (a PHP 7.2 saga)

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I've been reading the posts on the "Recreate functioning hosted site in a local WAMP server" and "Another case of ' Please wait, attempting to process...recently. I had been thinking of adding my own thread with the above title (*) which is the direct opposite experience for some time.   

I have been using WAMPServer 64 on my PC for several years without any issues. I ported over my own web based site and use it for test and development purposes. I am still using TNG 10.1.3 (with has a copy of Lazarus GB 1.24 within it). 

Until recently my Wampserver had modules 5.6, 7.01 and 7.1.12 installed. With each upgrade, I have edited out all the various error and earning messages coming from PHP. Last week I added the next module PHP 7.2.14. Again there were a whole raft of warnings (the vast majority based around unescaped constant names) but at the end of that process I had TNG10.1.3 and LAZ 1.24 running happily with PHP 7.2.14
Now for the paradox. 
I had kept a detailed list of all the edits I needed to make, and I repeated these against all the files on the web server. I did this by editing the files in my PC's libray and them uploading them to the server by ftp.
My ISP provides the MultiPHP manager module through cPanel. However, when I switched to PHP 7.2 I get a white screen and a can't reach the website message. As soon as I switched back to PHP 5.6 everything was working again as it should. I have examined and compared the files between the server and WAMP but cannot find any typo.
So, TNG works in WampServer with PHP7.2 but not on the webserver.
The only issue I cant answer - when I loaded up the new WAMP module I also had to upload new Visual C++ packages (warned otherwise WAMP probably wouldn't run). Obviously I don't know if something similar applies on the web server.
Any thoughts would be most welcome
*: My heading is a slight paraphrase from one of my Victorian literary heroes. It comes from the Pirates of Penzance where the proper word is ingenious. WS Gilbert wrote quirks of family history life into his librettos several times. The "paradox" is about a lad serving a 7 year apprenticeship who, when he thought he was 21, found his birthday to be February 29th. His hard of hearing mother figure had also apprenticed him to a pirate rather than a pilot. 
In HMS Pinafore, he has Sir Joseph Porter KCB  First Lord of the Admiralty perpetually accompanied and pursued by his many sisters, cousins and aunts - and ends up marrying his cousin Hebe at the end of the second act.
In The Mikado, Boo-Bah, the Mikado's Lord High Everything else declares:  "I am, in point of fact, a particularly haughty and exclusive person, of pre-Adamite ancestral descent. You will understand this when I tell you that I can trace my ancestry back to a protoplasmal primordial atomic globule. Consequently, my family pride is something inconceivable."   

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