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Places Top 10 relaunch

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Hi all,

I am relaunching a request for help which I have posted before, but until now without positive outcome...

Would someone be able to help me create some code to display a Top 10 of used places on my (WordPress) homepage? It shouldn't be very hard I guess, but I'm just totally unable to do it.... I'm getting the hang of css and html quite well, but php is still well out of my reach. I suppose there must be a simple way, integrating the places100.php and setting $topnum to 10?

A next step would be to do the same with some of the statistics, but that's for a later stage :)

Thanks in advance!

PS I don't even need it to be a widget like the Surnames Top 10, the name cloud or the event lists. Even just a php code that can be pasted in and executed from an html widget will do just fine... I tried, but I don't even get access to the database, let alone display any results....

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