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Config problem with TNG 12.0.2

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Hi, I have been configuring my TNG website within the GOONS community but the appearance has radically changed and my attempt to back it out has failed. My GOONS Admin suggested you may be able to help. https://gotts.one-name.net/tng/index.php

I am using TNG 12.0.2 with template 15, had recoloured it with Colouring Book and used that mytngstyle.css file. I then tried to change the font type and size in the Site Heading by taking the section from genstyle.css, placing it in templatestyle.css and adjusting the font to Arial and size to 12 pt in 3 places. The result is what you can see, ie font size and line height still at 12pt, font now sanserif but underlined instead, and with my adjusted colours.  I then loaded in the original blank templatestyle.css and mytngstyle.css files with the expectation it would roll back, but there is no change. I have cleared the cache each time a change has been done and also used a different browser, but can't seem to clear it. One thought I had was whether somehow I had lost a css file from the css directory, so a copy of the current list is attached.  

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Start files.png

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