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I plan for my site to be set to require all user's to log in to get access to the site.

I made an edit to the 'cookiebanner.js' script in the js subfolder.  The edit prevents display of the warning message for browsers that already have cookies enabled.

The change  is inserting the "if ( navigator.cookieEnabled) return null;" after the second line of code (second semi-colon).

"var e="cookieconsent_options",t="update_cookieconsent_options",n="cookieconsent_dismissed",i="//s3.amazonaws.com/valao-cloud/cookie-hinweis/";
if ( navigator.cookieEnabled) return null;
if(!(document.cookie.indexOf(n)>-1)){"function"!=typeof String.prototype.trim&&(String.prototype.trim=function(){return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"")});"

I also edited the 'text.php' in the "languages\English-UTF8"  folder for the msg "$text['cookieuse'] = "Note: This site uses cookies.";" to include that cookies must be enabled

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