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Could someone kindly suggest a procedure (work flow) for using the headstones features.

I have a considerable number of commonwealth war graves headstones which I would like to be able to associate with the relevant people in my one name study, and have them show up via the headstones tab.

I also have some general views of most of the cemeteries ie Arras, Forceville, Heilley Station etc. but I really do not understand the workflow to include them. Is the cemeteries tab just for maps?
Presumably I need to upload the images into the headstones directory but should I make subdirectories for each cemetery?  I don't have any map images.
I see a tab for Cemeteries within the Administration environment but it says nothing about pictures of the cemetery only maps.

In the user environment I see the Headstones page and assume that any pictures uploaded to the server should show up here but where do I add the data and links.

I'm using V11.1.2 if that's important


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Does take some sorting out and I'm sure there may be several ways of going about this. It is a two step process. I have 141 graves to date using Headstones - roughly half standard family graves, sorted first, then about half CWGC commemorations. 

I've sent you a PM if you wish to look further.



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57 minutes ago, Newfloridian said:

I've sent you a PM if you wish to look further.


If the answers were posted here, then the next person with the question might find the answer without having to ask again.


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Adding headstone pics or links to them is really straightforward, although adding Cemeteries is a little tricky to begin with.

For example, you have someone buried Arras Cemetery. Arras Cemetery is a PLACENAME and until you manually add a cemetery of that name (Admin/Cemeteries/Add New), it will remain so. Once you have added the cemetery, Arras Cemetery will become a cemetery name AND a placename (that you can associate with the cemetery name).

You can add media (headstones) in Admin and link to the the cemetery name in Media Information/Cemetery drop-down menu. The cemetery name should be added first so that all headstones for that cemetery can be easily linked from the aforesaid drop-down menu.

You can also link each headstone to a person in your database should you wish.

I do not have sub-folders/directories for cemeteries (not needed). Cemetery names are listed in Admin and also in cemeteries.php (by country etc..)


Part of my site list for Sanctuary Park Cemetery, with some headstones linked to people, some still to do.

For general views of cemeteries, I add them as photos, not headstones. These pics can still be linked to the appropriate cemetery and also added to albums.Image4.jpg



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