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Martin Kilkie

CensusPlus v upgrade - cannot install

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Martin Kilkie

I have just upgraded TNG 12.03  (I thought successfully) and I thought I had carried out all of the detailed steps to upgrade. As part of the upgrade you need to uninstall all mods which I dutifully did but did not delete any tables. After the install all mods were still there are were easily reinstalled but not CensusPlus. All

I downloaded version from the wiki, unpacked and uploaded to my site. In mod manager Census Plus shows - cannot install. It has button for update CPI label table but this opens a new tab and hangs. The mod still says cannot install.

I manually deleted the previous folder and tried again - to no avail.

Any ideas?


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Ken Roy

Lastest version of the mod requires that you update the cust_text.php files based on the upgrade readme.  Without a list of the Mod Manager status (not a screen capture because I normally cannot read the small print), I can only guess as to what might be the problem.  Please expand the Mod Manager status for the mod and copy and paste the content of that table cell on the forum.  Please do NOT do a screen capture.

Edited _ If you have not updated the cust_text.php files as part of the upgrade, use the instructions at the top of the wiki article https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Census_Plus_International

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Martin Kilkie

I thought!! I had done all the steps itemised by Darrin but somehow this step passed me by. I looked again through readme1202-1203 and didnt see anything about upgrading 

here is the text from mod manager requested. (with thanks).

@  optional
^  (provisional) must be available
~  protected


line 41: %target:@extensions/cp_settings.inc% verified
line 47: %parameter:$cp_addusa:USA
line 51: %parameter:$cp_adduk:
line 55: %parameter:$cp_unlink:n
line 59: %parameter:$cp_addcounty:County
line 63: %parameter:$cp_addtreeid:n
line 67: %parameter:$cp_ancestrySite:com
line 71: %parameter:$cp_searchlink:n
line 75: %parameter:$cp_DOMsource:n
line 79: %parameter:$cp_overlayEvent:n
line 84: %parameter:$cp_addnewpeople:y
line 88: %parameter:$cp_returnall:y
line 92: %parameter:$cp_medialinked:y
line 96: %parameter:$cp_displayID:y
line 100: %parameter:$cp_displayRef:y
line 104: %parameter:$cp_deleteEvent:n
line 108: %parameter:$cp_displayShowHide:y
line 112: %parameter:$cp_NextPreviousLinks:n
line 115: %target:css/genstyle.css% verified

line 116: %location:% #1 not installed

line 235: %target:@templates/template1/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 238: %location:% #1 not installed

line 258: %target:@templates/template4/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 261: %location:% #1 not installed

line 279: %target:@templates/template5/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 282: %location:% #1 not installed

line 323: %target:@templates/template9/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 326: %location:% #1 not installed

line 356: %target:@templates/template10/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 359: %location:% #1 not installed

line 382: %target:@templates/template11/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 385: %location:% #1 not installed

line 413: %target:@templates/template13/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 416: %location:% #1 not installed

line 443: %target:templates/template14/css/templatestyle.css% verified

line 444: %location:% #1 not installed

line 471: %target:personlib.php% verified

line 474: %location:% #1 not installed
line 489: %location:% #2 not installed
line 509: %location:% #3 not installed
line 517: %location:% #4 not installed
line 526: %location:% #5 not installed

line 533: %target:admin_merge.php% verified

line 534: %location:% #1 not installed

line 552: %target:admin_main.php% verified

line 553: %location:% #1 not installed

line 560: %target:admin_leftbanner.php% verified

line 561: %location:% #1 not installed

line 570: %target:admin_secondmenu.php% verified

line 571: %location:% #1 not installed

line 578: %target:admin_secondary.php% verified

line 579: %location:% #1 not installed

line 654: %target:languages/English/cust_text.php% verified

line 655: %location:% #1 Bad target

line 682: %target:languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified

line 683: %location:% #1 Bad target

line 710: %target:customconfig.php% verified

line 711: %location:% #1 not installed

line 725: %target:admin_genconfig.php% verified

line 726: %location:% #1 not installed
line 736: %location:% #2 not installed

line 745: %target:admin_utilities.php% verified

line 746: %location:% #1 not installed

line 758: %target:admin_backup.php% verified

line 759: %location:% #1 not installed

line 767: %target:admin_optimize.php% verified

line 768: %location:% #1 not installed

line 776: %target:admin_restore.php% verified

line 777: %location:% #1 not installed

line 785: %target:deletelib.php% verified

line 788: %location:% #1 not installed
line 803: %location:% #2 not installed

line 811: %target:admin_deleteevent.php% verified

line 814: %location:% #1 not installed

line 830: %target:ajx_delete.php% verified

line 833: %location:% #1 not installed

line 841: %target:treelib.php% verified

line 843: %location:% #1 not installed

line 921: %copyfile: admin_censusplus.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_censusplus.php
line 922: %copyfile: admin_cpcreate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpcreate.php
line 923: %copyfile: admin_cpdelete.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpdelete.php
line 924: %copyfile: admin_cpdeleteselected.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpdeleteselected.php
line 925: %copyfile: admin_cpedit.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpedit.php
line 926: %copyfile: admin_cpimage.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpimage.php
line 927: %copyfile: admin_cplinkIDs.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cplinkIDs.php
line 928: %copyfile: admin_cprestore.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cprestore.php
line 929: %copyfile: admin_cpscrape.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpscrape.php
line 930: %copyfile: admin_cpupdate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpupdate.php
line 931: %copyfile: admin_cpxfamsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpxfamsearch.php
line 932: %copyfile: admin_cpxtngsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/admin_cpxtngsearch.php
line 933: %copyfile: copycentables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/copycentables.php
line 934: %copyfile: cpaddimage.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpaddimage.php
line 935: %copyfile: cpcheck_tables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpcheck_tables.php
line 936: %copyfile: cpcreate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpcreate.php
line 937: %copyfile: cpcreateindices.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpcreateindices.php
line 938: %copyfile: cpdelete.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpdelete.php
line 939: %copyfile: cpdisplay.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpdisplay.php
line 940: %copyfile: cpdroptables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpdroptables.php
line 941: %copyfile: cpfindID.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpfindID.php
line 942: %copyfile: cpfind2linkID.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpfind2linkID.php
line 943: %copyfile: cphouseholdupdate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cphouseholdupdate.php
line 944: %copyfile: cpinclude.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpinclude.php
line 945: %copyfile: cplinkID.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cplinkID.php
line 946: %copyfile: cploaddata.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cploaddata.php
line 947: %copyfile: cpmakedir.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpmakedir.php
line 948: %copyfile: cpmakelabel.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpmakelabel.php
line 949: %copyfile: cpmakesummary.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpmakesummary.php
line 950: %copyfile: cpmaketables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpmaketables.php
line 951: %copyfile: cpmakeveteran.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpmakeveteran.php
line 952: %copyfile: cpproccreate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpproccreate.php
line 953: %copyfile: cpprochousehold.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpprochousehold.php
line 954: %copyfile: cpproclabel.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpproclabel.php
line 955: %copyfile: cpprocupdate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpprocupdate.php
line 956: %copyfile: cpscrapeALL.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpscrapeALL.php
line 957: %copyfile: cpsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpsearch.php
line 958: %copyfile: cpUSsummary.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpUSsummary.php
line 959: %copyfile: cpUSvet.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpUSvet.php
line 960: %copyfile: cpsummary.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpsummary.php
line 961: %copyfile: cpupdate.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpupdate.php
line 962: %copyfile: cpupdate_eventIDs.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpupdate_eventIDs.php
line 963: %copyfile: cpupdate_label.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpupdate_label.php
line 964: %copyfile: cpupdate_transid.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpupdate_transid.php
line 965: %copyfile: cpxfamsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpxfamsearch.php
line 966: %copyfile: cpxsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpxsearch.php
line 967: %copyfile: cpxsearchlib.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpxsearchlib.php
line 968: %copyfile: cpxtngsearch.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpxtngsearch.php
line 969: %copyfile: dropcensustables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/dropcensustables.php
line 970: %copyfile: simple_html_dom.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/simple_html_dom.php
line 971: %copyfile: upgrade_cp_tables.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/upgrade_cp_tables.php
line 972: %copyfile: upgrade_cp_summary.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/upgrade_cp_summary.php
line 973: %copyfile2: js/cenplus.js  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cenplus.js
line 974: %copyfile2: languages/English/cp_text.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cp_text.php
line 975: %copyfile2: languages/English-UTF8/cp_text.php  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cp_text.php
line 976: %copyfile2: img/cpi_icon.gif  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpi_icon.gif
line 977: %copyfile2: img/cpicon.jpg  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpicon.jpg
line 978: %copyfile2: img/cpsprite.jpg  not copied
Source: mods/censusplus_v12008/cpsprite.jpg

  • code modifications specified: 33; modified: 0
  • file copies specified: 58; copied: 0
  • new files specified: 0; created: 0
  • new folders specified: 0; created: 0
  • errors: 2

The folder referenced mods/censusplus12008 exists and contains all the specified files.

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Martin Kilkie

I should have spotted the "bad target" x2 in the listing. 

I have looked at the instructions on how to modify the cust_text files but there is no "upgrade option to do this on the mod.



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1 hour ago, Martin Kilkie said:

I have looked at the instructions on how to modify the cust_text files but there is no "upgrade option to do this on the mod.


Go to this page


Read the very first box outlined in RED. Click the link [Show Instructions] and follow those instructions.


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Martin Kilkie

Thanks Roger, I followed those instructions to show recommended updates - BUT... what I hadn't spotted was that this created a new tab. Obvious now but I was expecting the update to be inside the install mod table. 

Obvious outcome - it all works now. Many thanks for persevering. 

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Ken Roy
10 hours ago, Martin Kilkie said:

I thought!! I had done all the steps itemised by Darrin but somehow this step passed me by. I looked again through readme1202-1203 and didnt see anything about upgrading 

The upgrade to the cust_text.php files os not in the readmen1202-1203 but was specified in the upgrade readme when you upgraded from TNG v11, v10, v9, or prior.  It is also clearly specified in the TNG Wiki article for mods that have been upgrade to use the new Mod Guidelines

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