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[solved] Pictures not displaying

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Hello everybody !

A great part of my pictures (copy of official registries) are not displayed.

I enter them as usual with adding a media when editing a person page. I can see the thumbnail on the person page, and a little bigger in a popup when hovering. But when I click on it, there is a brief message about media loading, then nothing. The space is empty where the picture should be.

I cannot show you, since all my media are private (for copyright reasons), but see below what is displayed: only the title of the media.



I have not been able yet to understand when it is displayed and when not. Maybe it has something to do with the Comment mod. I do not think it is about the new release of TNG 12.0.3, since the problem existed before. I looked into the lengh of the file name, there is no space or accentuated character in the name.  Maybe the file are too big...

What should I do to find out ? Have you ever met the problem ?

Thanks for any answer.


Edit : 61 out of 150 Documents are not showing, and some where among the first to be added



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It was a question of media size (height/width) such as authorized in Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings>>Media.

The pictures had been correctly uploaded, but were not being displayed, for being too wide or too high.

Modifying the settings enabled picture display without having to re-upload them.

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