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Barry Ennever

How to modify VIEW drop down menu

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Barry Ennever

Hi, not the best day day to be seeking some help but here goes...

I am using V12.0.3 and have an old (V6?) modified template 4 home page which I have attempted to bring up to date using the instructions in Darren's readme for 12.02-12.0.3 where he suggested updating the template to experience mobile support features would be beneficial. 

The mobile updates appear to be working ok but I now need to correct/update the drop down menus for which I previously used TNG mods.  I now have (see attached image) a few relatively minor problems but which I'd like to fix nonetheless:

1. one missing icon (*** now corrected by changing setMediaType(array( line in mediatypes.php ***)

2. incorrect text (Family (spouse)) instead of Histories (*** now corrected by changing setMediaType(array( line in mediatypes.php ***)

3. incorrect alphabetical sequence (ie preferably the same alphabetical sequence as the left hand links)

I have tried to find the code in genlib but am confused as to what to look for/change.


If anyone can point me in the right direction/s I'd be grateful


Many thanks for your (seasonal) help

Barryimageproxy.php?img=&key=f616731acf049aaf(website www.ennever.com)

IMG_20181224_154138389 (Small).jpg

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