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How to forbid Google indexing living and/or confidential individuals

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Hello !

I launched a search in Google with the name of my site "Lignées Revestoises". It gives 190 answers.

Among them I spot the name of 2 persons who are marked Living and Private on the site.

When I click on the result, only the family name is displayed with initial for first name. An no detail is displayed. Since only 4 users are authorized to view living and private on this site.

But Google is displaying the full name in the search results, and was able to index it, even if visitors cannot see more when clicking on the link.

Is this a bug ? Or maybe I created first these persons and waited 1 or 2 days before notching the living and private boxes, and meanwhile Google indexed the full name.

What can I do about it now ? Asking Google for desindexing ?


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