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I used to have the Lazarus Guestbook on my  website, but this plugin is not updated anymore and is having problems with WP 5.+

So, installed the Gwolle Guestbook with the Add On ($ 8,-)

Take a look at Read my Guestbook

Feel free to leave a comment.

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That guestbook looks great. 

When you select Write Comment, and then scroll the page, it never allows you to scroll to the end of the page.
Much like your tutorial page FAQ I'd emailed you about a few weeks ago. 
But if you close out the Write Entry section, you can scroll to the end again.

Also, ellipsis to the right of each guestbook entry shows a Facebook icon that doesn't go anywhere or to anything correct.

Not sure if you were aware of these.

I was eventually going to look at Lazarus, but maybe I'll look at Gwolle.  Thanks for sharing.

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