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I have a question, I use a different genealogy program as a work program, and if I have enough data I read the gedcom file in TGN, Now it has happened a few times that all my pictures and documents are connected to the wrong people.


Replace (in selected family tree):

*All existing data records

*Only exact records

*Do not replace data

*Add all records

Import GEDCOM:

*Accept data for all new custom event types

*Import only custom event types

What are the correct settings


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You should use the Replace All Current Data option.

The connection of media to wrong people happens if something has caused their ID numbers in your genealogy software to re-assign numbers to the people - TNG uses the ID number to link Media to people and if a person's ID number changes (i.e. the person attached to an ID number changes) then the media is linked to the wrong people.


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