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Until the past few days, I was running version 10, but have now upgraded to version 12.  I maintain my primary data on my home computer, using Family Historian. 

Once or twice a month, by exporting a gedcom from my Family Historian software, I upload the updated gedcom to my The Next Generation web site for public consumption.

For uploading and installing the new gedcom, I use The Next Generation Import/Export function under Administrative options.  Until a few months back, when I imported the gedcom, the Import/Export function would upload the file and then, after a short delay, the progress bar would appear and the import and installation would be completed.  At some point a few months back, the automatic progress bar and install stopped working.  This then required me to actually select the uploaded gedcom file in order to start the install.

Now, after the install of version 12, the automatic start of the progress bar install still does not start, but I was also unable to get the install to start by going to the web site gedcom directly.  Using the uploaded gedcom file directly, I WAS able to finally get the install to take place by selecting the "Old Style Import" option on the Import/Export Gedcom page in The Next Generation Version 12.

I wonder if I am the only person with this problem, and perhaps more helpfully, does anyone have any suggestions about how to return to full functionality with regard to the gedcom import function?

Don Chapman

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