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Gedcom Export - Scobey

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What does this mean and how to fix in gedcom export.

Cannot open file /data/25/2/92/116/2581931/user/2830996/htdocs/genealo/gedcom/tree1.ged


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It means that the file tree1.ged can't be opened - there are several possible reasons for this:

1 - the gedcom folder isn't writeable?

2 - the path to the file is wrong?

3 - the file tree1.ged exists but can't be over-written.


If 1 - go to TNG Admin ------> Setup ------> Diagnostics tab and check for the area about key folders can all be read and written to.

2 - go to TNG Admin ------> Setup ------> General Settings ------> Paths and Folders and delete whatever is written in for "rootpath". Save that with the empty setting. Then go back to the same screen and it will have filled in what the correct rootpath should be. Again save the changes.

3 - use your FTP software to see if the file tree1.ged is in the gedcom folder and is it writeable?


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