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Hi all,

I searched through the forum and found some threads, but all about older versions and most not really giving any answers/options... So I thought to create a new topic, hoping that someone will pick up on it.

Since I started creating my website 9 months ago, with the Kloosterman method WordPress integration, I have been using the stand alone TNG-WP Frontend User Functions plugin which I got through @HeatherFeuer and her website, uniquelyyours. One by one, the widgets cease to work... I haven't noticed when they started malfunctioning, but I think it must have something to do with the update to TNG 12 and/or the implementation of new privacy rules?

Is there anyone around who can have a look at the code of those widgets and make them work again? If I understood correctly after a previous issue, Heather herself only got the code from someone else and isn't really capable of changing it to this extent? (correct me if I'm wrong!)

The issues I am having at the moment are:

1) login
on my home page I use the login widget so people can create one single log-in for WordPress and TNG. It has always worked, but since short it only logs into TNG. When trying to log in, you automatically go to the "unknown user" page. The widget remains on "not logged in". When I go to a TNG page through typing the address in the browser, TNG seems to be logged in. When I log into WordPress through the WordPress admin page, it works as well. So my guess is the widget does not communicate anymore with the WordPress login?

EDIT October 12: apparently, this is only the case when working with Firefox and on my mobile (Samsung internet app). When trying on Chrome, the login works fine.

2) search
also on my home page, I use the search widget. Whatever I type into the fields, I'm always redirected to the complete list of all people in my tree. The text entered in the two search boxes (name - surname) seems to be ignored. When performing a search on the actual search page within TNG, it all works fine.

3) event lists
this is only a minor problem and occured since always. Though my complete website is coded as UTF-8, as recommended, letters with diacritics (like é, ù, å) are shown as a question mark in a coloured diamond shape. Letters from other alphabets (like cyrillic or arabic) are shown as question marks without the diamond. On my WordPress pages as well as on the actual person's profiles on TNG they are displayed correctly, only the list gives this error.


If anyone knows how to remedy this, I would be for ever grateful. I have put (and am still putting) a lot of work into my website and it would be really sad having to rethink it all... Sadly enough, I know too little about coding to solve it myself.

Kind regards,

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