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Using Family Tree Maker and media



I have to admit, as much as I appreciate the capability of TNG I feel way over my head and exceedingly frustrated with the amount of time and effort needed just to do simple tasks.  I use Family Tree Maker, nearly 7,000 individuals with corresponding amount of media.  I've attempted to upload a new GEDCOM, with media.  It was too large for the straight upload so I did it via the FTP program and placed in the GEDCOM folder.  I added the links in the TNG admin area telling where the local media files are located.  I imported the GEDCOM following the steps in the wiki.  Now I have over 3,000 pieces of media that are not linked to any individuals in my tree.  I don't have the time nor the patience right now to manually link 3,000 items among 7,000 individuals.  Is there a better way to do this that I'm missing?  I'm tempted to just delete everything and start from zero, but I'm afraid I'll erase or delete some obscure file in some obscure location and screw everything up.  Sorry for the rant.  I am not a web designer, I'm not a coder.  I'd like to learn enough to maintain a family history for my family, support reunions, share photos and address lists etc.  I didn't realize I needed a programming degree to do something as simple as changing the size of a photo in my home page header.  It should not take a week to figure that out.  But it did.  I just upgraded to the latest version which was also confusing, hopefully I didn't screw something up but I thought version 12+ had 18 templates and I only see 15.  End of rant.  Can anyone recommend an approach or video or anything that will help me upload and correctly link media or data from Family Tree Maker to TNG as a batch process versus one at a time?  Similarly things like cemeteries, I really like that feature in TNG.  Is there a way I can set that up in FTM for example, that TNG will accept and recognize?  

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