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Guido van Harten

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Guido van Harten

In my gedcom I see some details which are in TNG displayed on two locations:

First my (partial) gedcom:

1 EVEN in the Reformed Church of Amersfoort-West
2 DATE 25 MAY 1986
2 TYPE Confession
1 EVEN 123456789

In TNG it will displayed as follows:

line #1:

Event: in the Reformed Church of Amersfoort-West

Event date: {empty}

Event place: {empty}

Detail: in the Reformed Church of Amersfoort-West


line #2:

Event: BSN

Event date: {empty}

Event place: {empty}

Detail: 123456789


Why isn't the date at line #1 displayed?

Why is the detail of line #1 also displayed in the column Event?

Is the syntaxis in my gedcom right?


Hope anyone can help me.





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