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Until now I used a Wordpress template design made with Artisteer. But unfortunately Artisteer is no longer maintained and updated. So I decided to use another WP template.

On my own CKWebdesign website I use the AVADA template from Theme Fusion, one of the best on the market and used by > 500.00 users worldwide. So I decided two use AVADA also for for my own Genealogy Website, check it out here: www.kloosterman.be 

Read my installation instructions here: http://www.kloosterman.be/info/tng-wp-avada/

The integration is almost exactly the same as in my earlier WP-TNG integration instructions, with one litte (but very important) change.

In the WTNG-topmenu.php change the:

require ("../wp-load.php");   
require ("../wp-blog-header.php");

As follows:
require ("../wp-blog-header.php");
get_header ();

Avada has been the #1 selling theme for more than 5 years, making it the most trusted and complete WordPress theme on the market.  Powerful options & tools, unlimited designs, responsive framework and amazing support are the reasons our customers I choose Avada. Avada is attractive mainly due to its flexibility. You can use it for almost any type of WordPress site by applying one of the many pre-built demo websites in minutes. You’ll only need to add content and voila – you end up with a nice-looking website.
Integration went perfect, check out www.kloosterman.be
•   You can buy Avada HERE.
I will cost you around $ 60,- , but it is well worth the money!

Two minor problems:
1.] On the ancestor chart the tooltip does not work and checking the box results in the user being directed back to the same checkbox again. I corresponded with Darrin on that problem, it is probably not WP related and Darrin is aware of the situation where checking the box with some TNG users results in the user being directed back to the same checkbox again. He is working on a solution.

2.] The text version of the ancestor chart does not work perfectly, there is probably a conflict with the TNG css and one of the AVADA css files some where. 

But I really do not need the text version, so I commented the link out of the menu.

I think there is enough info on the ancestors without the text link. Besides that, I do not like the visual representation of the ancestors text version that much. The text version of the descendants is I think a better way to present a real text version (with the collaps/expand function), because is a real TEXT layout. You might consider in a next version of TNG to make the text version of the ancestors the same as of the descendants. 

But of course that is my personal view, although I corresponded with Darrin on my view and he “tended” to agree with me. LESS is often MORE

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Thanks, Dr. K and I second the recommendation for Avada.  For a very long time, themes such as Suffusion & Atualpa were the top 'go to' themes for WP/TNG bundles--but unfortunately, development on both ceased in 2016--and both have some issues with PHP 7.x and properly configuring in the responsive mode for mobile devices.  There are purported solutions involving new PHP code in the functions.php file and others, but one fixes one thing and another breaks...  ☹️

As you note, Avada or many of the current alternative themes present challenges.  When WordPress changed its protocol standards on how the configurator and various framework constructors work--a sea-change happened.  While Juggledad still works on the Atahualpa theme--it is not appropriate in this phase of PHP and mobile responsiveness.  Other popular themes that have croaked for the same reason are:

  • Atahualpa
  • Blogolife
  • Radius
  • Delicate
  • Graphene
  • Mystique
  • P2
  • Pagelines
  • Responsive
  • Radius
  • Weaver II
  • Asokay

I have had to abandon my Atahualpa based site and create a new one based on Avada due to depreciation & responsive issues.  Those using Suffusion may think they are good--but issues may present on smartphone devices.  The clear answer here is to choose a theme that is popular and promises updates for at least the next several years.  Avada has its ups and downs.  It does not have all of the options of Atahualpa, but what is missing can be replicated through a third-party editor such as YellowPencil.  One of the very important planning choices is what block editor to use.  Avada natively includes the Fusion system.  Other popular block editors include the Classic WP format enhanced by TinyMCE, Gutenberg, Elementor, BeaverBuilder, and others.  One can make pages and posts based on the Classic system, or any of the above-mentioned editors.  But you cannot mix them up and use any other to make changes to any of your other pages to edit in another block format.  Plan, plan, and then commit.


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