This thread is a continuation of the thread "Google Map API Change" and is only about using Open Street Maps instead of Google Maps if you don't have a Google Map API key. (Or if you have exceeded your limit and Google doesn't show the maps ) Ultimately this will become a mod to be used in these cases.   So the current stage of the development is this (and is working at my site - starting links below): * I have installed the latest Open Layer JavaScript and .css files at the server (speeding things up a bit) * I have made a new "osmmaplib.php" to be used instead of "googlemaplibOSM.php" that I used before * getpersonOSM.php works. - - - The map boundaries may not be the best as I haven't fine-tuned the different levels yet - - - Person-links open a "OSM-getperson" page (you don't have to insert anything in the URL) - - - Magnifying glasses in "Person-places" (not to the right of the map) open a "OSM-placesearch" page * placesearchOSM.php works - - - Person-links open a "OSM-getperson" page - - - Swedsih places have zoom = 10, European = 7 (mostly) and USA = 5 (mostly)   To do: * Modify the cemeteries page like the placesearch.php * Make the Admin pages show OSM and accept point-and-click coordinates - - - There is an example of retreiving coordinates (Lat & Long) in the docs 😄 * Fine-tune the zoom levels for getperson maps   The modifications are collected in a mod that I install in my TNG v12 test environment (w/o API key), thereby making sure it will work. (I want to keep the OSM pages separate from my live site...) The mod will probably work also w/ an API key as I simply (so far anyway) could just remove the "$map['key'] conditions".   A link for a person: A link for a place:Örebro+län&tree=tredNr2 You can select English or German by the flags up left. Questions? Ask them here...   Regards, Erik