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webmaster help needed

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We have a family website and need help with basics such as doing regular backups and updates and some occasional special assistance. We are located in Toronto but I don't think that really matters. The key is to have someone who is able to respond fairly quickly on a project by project basis. The current (stalled) project is to help us in uploading a series of stories in a consistent format which can be accessed from our home page and moved to our archive when new stories are ready to be uploaded so we can keep new info on the home page to bring more family to the site. We can muster up a small budget for this so we'd look for an idea of the project size, time and cost on a project by project basis.  We are currently using ver. 11.0.1.

Can you help?

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jeff g


I am juggling too many things already,

but perhaps if you added your website link to the signature field (account setting==>signature on the left panel) or added it to the post,

others could get an idea of your page dynamics.



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