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SOLVED - another display issue...

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Hi all,

here i am again :lol:

I have a (small) issue displaying the snlinks.

While everything looks fine on the surnames (or places) page, it breaks on the search result page [see attachments].

I found a solution, but it has two problems...

When I put 

.snlink {
    display: ruby;

the search result page shows perfectly. But... It messes up the other pages with snlinks such as the surnames page [again: see attachments].
As the part which is not showing correctly is not in a unique div, I cannot assign the ruby display to only that div. I also don't want to add an extra div in the code to avoid loosing it when there's an update. I tried it the other way around, leaving snlink generally as "ruby", but assigning a different display for the container which contains the surname/place tables on their respective pages, but none of the display commands I know (inline, block, -webkit,.....) puts them back in their place.

The second problem is that the "display: ruby" only affects Firefox. When I open my page in Chrome, it has no effect.
Someone told me to use white-space:nowrap; in stead, but that doesn't seem to have any effect on the line either.


Any hints on how to solve this? :(


PS totally unrelated, but making the images on Chrome and Firefox, they seem to display different numbers for the surnames :shock:

correct surnames.PNG

messed up surnames.PNG

Firefox after.PNG

Chrome - before and after.PNG

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Solved... The problem seemed to have been the input, so I used the following to make it jump up:

input.minifield {
    display: inline;

I'll just leave this up in case someone else is looking for a solution to a similar problem :)


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