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Ian Davidson

Media Import from Gedcom Errors

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Ian Davidson

Hi folks,

I use Family Tree Maker (2017) & Ancestry but successfully host TNG (currently v.11.1.2) on my personal website, which is based around Wordpress. I recently decided to apply a long-overdue data update so exported the full file including media files to a Gedcom file. In TNG Setup | Configuration | Import settings I inserted the path on the PC to the FTM media folder, and in Setup | Configuration | General Settings set the TNG folder for all media types to the one folder, into which I then uploaded all the photo, document etc files using FTP.  I then imported the Gedcom file successfully into TNG. All the data looks good. However clicking on any media file generates a 404 - Page not found error. Hovering the mouse over the link shows the correct path on the website and file name, except that the url ends in "%0D", which is of course the hexadecimal notation for a carriage return character. If I manually remove the %0D from the end of the url the photo or document loads as expected. It's almost as if when TNG is parsing the Gedcom file it's not stripping the <CR> character from the end of the line, and saving it as part of the filename.

So my questions to the group are:

1) Am I doing something wrong, if so what?

2) What's the best way forward? 

Thanks for any help! Sorry if this topic has been addressed elsewhere but if so I couldn't find it :(




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Ian Davidson

OK, so I'm an IT person & although only having a barely passing familiarity with PHP I'm very comfortable with databases so (after making a backup of the database) I used PHPMyAdmin to export the tng_media table to a CSV file, with the option set to remove carriage return/line feed characters within columns. I then emptied (truncated) the table and imported the CSV file back into the same table. That worked a treat - all the media links now work correctly in TNG, so answered question (2) above, but it still leaves hanging why this happened in the first place - is it something I didn't do correctly or a bug?

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There's a setting in TNG for what it is expecting the line ending to be.

TNG Admin ------> Setup ------> General Settings ------> Miscellaneous ------> Line Ending.

That can be





depending on just what your software is writing out to the GEDCOM file


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