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Report: Sources by Reference Count

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This report shows the sources and how often they are referenced to.

select x.gedcom,
	x.sourceid as id,
	concat ('<a href="showsource.php?sourceID=',x.sourceid, '&tree=', x.gedcom, '">',shorttitle, '</a>') as source,
from (
	SELECT s.gedcom,s.sourceID, COUNT(*) AS quantity
	FROM tng_sources AS s 
	LEFT JOIN tng_citations AS c ON s.sourceID=c.sourceID and s.gedcom=c.gedcom
	GROUP BY s.gedcom,s.sourceID 
) as x
join tng_sources as t on x.gedcom=t.gedcom and x.sourceid = t.sourceid 
order by gedcom, quantity desc;


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