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Including DNA testing

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What is thinking about including DNA testing, but would like to see examples of how others have incorporated this, and what the value is.



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You can use the https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Add_DNA_Test_Results DNA Mod

DNA is just another tool. for instance Y-DNA does not tell you how you relate to another tester but it does confirm or deny if the two people tested share a common ancestor, so if you test two males that are believed to descend from a common male ancestor, down two different male offspring of that common ancestor, and they are a perfect match, that will give you the markers for the common male ancestor.

A couple of examples...

DNA actually saved me years of researching a non related line about 10 years back as I tested two males that the paper trail proves descend from one of my ancestors and they are a perfect match. I then tested a descendant of a person who has always been believed to be my ancestors brother and they were not a match, not even distantly, so while I am still looking for 2nd descendant of this non matched male to verify tester 1's numbers, I stopped researching his line for now as it probably is not connected to my line.

Now while these two proven cousins above have never matched any other males with the same surname, these two cousins have matched over a dozen males with a different surname and all these matches have been from 12 to 67 marker perfect and near perfect matches. Also significant is that these dozen matches are all variants of the same surname, so this tells me I need to explore this new surname and the variants in more detail.

That said, I have tested at least  two descendants of all four grandparents lines and a couple great grandparents lines and I use the DNA Mod linked above to keep track if the results. I link all males between the two testers and the common male ancestor to the Y-DNA tests if the results are a perfect match as all these males would have the same Y-DNA markers.







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