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show status tag in tree view

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I am planning to add a short text about the person's data status into the STAT tag. Would be nice to see that in a tree overview. any ideas of how to add that?

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Hi, I'm not exactly sure what you are after, but maybe set up STAT as a custom event (if you haven't already) and then make a report that shows all the STAT tags in your tree/database.

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Thanks for the idea.

solved it:

SELECT p.personid, p.gedcom, eid.info as AhnenID, 
	p.firstname, p.lastname, 
	p.birthdate, p.birthplace,
	f.marrdate,  f.marrplace,
	p.deathdate, p.deathplace,
	es.info as Status
FROM tng_people p
INNER JOIN tng_families AS f ON (f.husband=p.personID or f.wife=p.personID) AND p.gedcom=f.gedcom
INNER JOIN tng_events eid ON eid.persfamid = p.personid and eid.gedcom = p.gedcom and eid.eventtypeid = 15
LEFT JOIN tng_events es  ON es.persfamid  = p.personid and es.gedcom  = p.gedcom and es.eventtypeid = 20
ORDER BY p.gedcom, AhnenID;

this script expects eventtype 15 containing an ID and eventype 20 to contain the status. if you want it to work regardless if you have these tags, replace INNER with LEFT for the second join.

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