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Surname Cloud to show direct ancestor surnames

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I'm not well versed with PHP so bear with me, please.

I've managed to incorporate the surname cloud on my index page. However, it was pointed out to me by a visitor that many of the names while being "family" are not necessarily my direct ancestors. Since I have several cousins (1st to 5th and as many removed) they want to see the direct ancestors to which they might link. Is there any way to accomplish this (that would be fairly easy for a beginner) without starting from scratch?

Looking forward to any ideas



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Hi Beverley,

The best way for any of your users to see their direct ancestors is to look at their various ancestry/ancestor charts as they give a graphical layout rather than a list (cloud) of random surnames.

You may want to have a look at installing Personalised Links on your homepage so that they can navigate directly to these from there.

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     The line that you added to the index:
     If you change it to a specific branch, it will do the surname could for just that branch:
$nc->display(100,"","Branch ID");
     If you are wondering, the piece that is still blank is the tree ID if you have multiple of those and want to limit the cloud by that.  


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