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Problem with Creating Extra Pages

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Hi Roger

Sorry, I stand corrected must have been a senior moment why I missed the file tng_begin.php.


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I have the same problem that is mentioned in this thread - that of the login page not being able to be found when in a subfolder. As noted, this used to work on older versions of TNG, and since a template is supplied suggesting you use a subfolder, it appears it is supposed to work. Also it works if you don't have login enabled. There was mention that Darrin should be told of this issue so that it might be resolved. I was wondering whether that happened? What was the outcome of informing Darrin? Will a fix be likely in the future, or did Darrin decide not to fix it?

I would rather not move my subfolder files into the main folder - that feels like a workaround rather than a fix. If I knew which file did the login in stuff I might have a look into it myself, but I'm still finding my way around where stuff is in TNG.


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