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Timeline, Find people not working?? js error

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I recently upgraded from v. 6.2 to v. 9.2.2 and then to v. 11.1

It went smoothly and as usual Darrin's upgrade instructions were excellent.

I therefore do not yet have much experience with Timeline. It basically works except that I cannot open the Find menu to search and add a person to the Timeline described as follows:

To reproduce the error:

1) Go to http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/

2) Without logging in, look up a deceased person in my data base like:

First name: Lone       Last name: Pedersen

3) Click Timeline tab on Lone Pedersen individual page

4) Click 'Add Person' button, the option to add 4 persons show

5) To find a person's ID to be added, click Find button

Normally a pop up menu should appear to search the database for the person's ID, but nothing happens for any of the 4 FIND buttons

A type error (js I believe) appears in browser console:

TypeError: document.form1.nexttree2.selectedIndex is undefined[Learn More]  timeline2.php:1:1

A copy of my browser window is attached below. Seems that the problem occur in the timeline2.php module.

However, if I by other means find the ID number to be added and refresh, the other persons are added to the Timeline.

In the Relationship calculator tab the Find person pop-up menu is working fine.

Any help to try to resolve this issue is appreciated, thank you in advance.




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You probably need to be logged in to have the ability to ADD persons.

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