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Bill Herndon

Simple SEO Mod v4 - Bug Fixes / TNG 11.1 Compatibility

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Bill Herndon

I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 10.1), (TNG 11.0), and (TNG 11.1)

This version corrects an issue where individual's names were being suppressed on certain pages due to a bug in the library code.  Displaying person IDs in TNG headers is now supported for the getperson.php page and can be turned on and off using a mod parameter.  v11.1.0.4 adds support for TNG 11.1 and the ability to move the extensions directory (a TNG 11.0.2 feature). This version is recommended for all TNG 10.0 through 11.0 users and is required for users of TNG 11.1.

Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information.

Bill Herndon

Lindell-Herndon Genealogy

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