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Legacy 8 GEDCOM export variants / challenges

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I'm new to TNG but longtime Legacy user. There are multiple variants available for GEDCOM exports - Legacy, GEDCOM 5.5, PAF, Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, and Generic.

Can anyone recommend the best option for import to TNG?  Assuming 5.5 or Generic, but if one is known to be more successful I'd love to know in advance. Also, if there are any known issues with the process I'd really appreciate a heads up.  I have looked through the forums but didn't see this particular topic addressed.

Many thanks!


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Haven't upgraded to Legacy8 - still using 7.5 quite happily. I use the standard "produce for GEDCOM 5.5.1 only"; and as I've always done it ANSI. When importing into TNG I overwrite everything. I don't import anything else alongside the GEDCOM - all media comes in separately. Been doing this since TNG5 and now at 10.1.3




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Have since switched from Legacy 7.5 to Family Historian for my primary software, but before that exported gedcom files to TNG regularly for years, since TNG 4.0 and Legacy 5.0 circa 2004.   Always chose the gedcom 5.5.1 export option, which worked well for my needs.  Of course  adaptations to route docs/photos/census/etc from the Legacy, or now Family Historian folders to TNG folders.  I purchased Legacy 8.0 but do not use it except for some testing. Legacy 8 seemed sluggish to me compared to 7.5  I now export from Family Historian to Legacy 7.5  and TNG, since some features still liked in Legacy.  

Having an offline 'Wamp server' on a laptop is a great aid for doing the testing until TNG data is imported as desired.  It is most important to use TNG's Administrator Setup pages to get the proper folders setup.

No data input other than gedcom import into TNG, done periodically from the offline 'desktop' software since that is my input point.

Similar to Alan's response which just came in as I write this note, however, I do import ALL media links via the gedcom, but the actual files put on the server with FTP, which becomes your friend in this whole process. I generate and upload  my own thumbnails as well, and TNG will recognize them in the 'regenerate' function.  


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