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TextPlus Charts Mod,duplicate 'fan chart' tab

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For those of you using the TextPlus Charts Mod, you may have noticed, on the Individual page, the Ancestor:Text+ submenu displays a duplicate 'fan chart' tab.  The first tab yields a '404' error, and the rightmost one works fine. This happens even with no other Mods installed.

In the file pedigreetextplus.php file, 

In pedigreetextplus.php: commenting out lines 158-163 appears to correct the problem.


//            #Include the fan chart only if the fan chart URL exists and it hasn't been displayed.

//            if (!$fanchart_url) {

//                            $fanchart_url = getURL( "fanchart", 1 );

//                            if ($fanchart_url)

//                                            $innermenu .= "<a href=\"$fan_url" . "personID=$personID&amp;tree=$tree&amp;parentset=$parentset&amp;generations=$generations\" class=\"lightlink\">{$text['fanchart']}</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; | &nbsp;&nbsp; \n";

//            }


It appears that $fanchart_url flag is not set as expected, since $fanchrt_url is true.

I've sent a note to the Mod's author Robin Richmond as well.


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