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Bill Herndon

New Features and Installer for NearDark and NearDawn Templates

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Bill Herndon

** RC1 for NearDark, NearDawn and the installer have been withdrawn.  v10.1.0.2 for both templates and the installer are now available. **

Ever wanted to try a 'drop in' replacement for Template 8 that doesn't have all that visual clutter and hard to read fonts?

I've just produced v10.1.0.2, release candidate 1 for the NearDark and NearDawn templates and pared them with a new installer that makes the templateconfig.php changes, folds in the menu bar changes that used to be provided by the Icon Gravity mod, and adds localized language files for Spanish (and Spanish-UTF8)


  • Surname clouds that can be controlled from the template configuration page. You can hide/show them and control the number of surnames.
  • The "Mom's Side" and "Dad's Side" elements of the left menu can also be hidden or shown.
  • "Scrolling Content" is a new feature that allows you to switch the main page between fixed height content columns that scroll, and non-scrolling columns that show all your content.  (Template configuration page.)
  • Internationalization - NearDark and NearDawn are now fully internationalized with Spanish support provided out-of-the-box as a test case.

All New:

I've created an installation mod called NearD Support that does all the installation work for you.  Just unpack the templates in the TNG's template directory, unpack and install the mod and you should be good to go.  One caution, once you start configuring the templates through their configuration page, NearD Support will complain about not being able to roll back the templateconfig.php changes (obviously).  So pulling out the NearDark and NearDawn elements in templateconfig.php has to be done manually after the initial install. 

NearD Support folds in the changes to the menu bar that used to be provided by Icon Gravity.  So no need to add that mod any longer.   I'll also be adding more languages as I get assistance with the phrases.

v10.1.0.2-rc1 of NearDark, NearDawn, and NearD Support should work for TNG 10.1.0 and later, but I've done most of my testing against TNG 11.  You can see examples on the Wiki pages for NearDark and NearDawn, but these haven't been updated yet for the new features.

If you give these a try, please let me know what you think.


Bill Herndon

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Bill Herndon

NearDawn and NearDark v10.1.0.2 have been released along with v10.1.0.2 of the new installation mod, NearD Support.  See the main post (above) for the new features.

The Wiki pages for NearDawn, NearDark, and NearD Support have been updated to include details on the new features, previews, and installation instructions (both automated and manual).  These templates and the installation mod are compatible with TNG releases 10.1.0 through 11.0.2.

Finally, for about the next week, I'll be displaying Lindell-Herndon Genealogy using NearDark (and sometimes NearDawn) basically 'out-of-the-box', without my usual ad banners and custom footers.  The templates will be configured to display the surname cloud, Mom's Side and Dad's Side Links, and scrolling content sections.


Bill Herndon

Lindell-Herndon Genealogy


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