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Bill Herndon

Simple SEO - Internationalization

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Bill Herndon


I have published Simple SEO to my site and am hoping that some intrepid TNG users will help me beta-test this revision to the mod.  This version internationalizes the family titles that appear on the Family Group, Family Chart, Suggest and Edit pages; supports internationalized titles in PDF reports; pushes those titles into page headers (in the same manner that simplified dates are added to individual pages); and supports family titles with, and without, IDs.  That last feature is controlled by a mod parameter.

The approach to localization of titles is a little novel.  Since word order is important and is dictated by contemporary grammar, the mod uses PHP classes to provide translation and ordering.  The impact is that adding a new language is achieved by adding a new subclass rather than by adjusting the language files.  (So...you can't just change or override the chosen translation.  Unless you want to modify some code.)  I'm open to alternatives to this approach, but it seemed to be the easiest way to get what I wanted.

The languages supported are:  Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, PortugueseBR, Spanish, and Swedish.  I'll add any additional languages that I can get translations for.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with the testing.  I plan to publish the mod formally in about a week when I've completed the backport for TNG 10.


Bill Herndon

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Chris Lloyd

I'll have a go with it over the weekend Bill.

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