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Anyone tried using the Montezuma theme for TNG?

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I have a WordPress/TNG site that I set up some years ago (www.hcnhistory.org.uk) using the WP/TNG plugin.  I used the free Suffusion theme and managed to get it to do everything I wanted it to via customization, plugins and coding. Unfortunately Suffusion is no longer WP-compliant and the developer could not get it reinstated.  He said "For those who have the theme currently installed, don’t worry – it will still work as it has; I just will not be able to release any updates for it and it will no longer be available as a theme from the WP directory."

I am not too worried about this, but I do see I will need to upgrade my site for a number of things (https, accessibility, mobile-friendly, TNG 11 etc - but not all at once!) so I thought I would look at moving to another free theme that will support me going forward. I decided to explore Atahualpa because others on this forum seem happy with it, and it is customizable.  But then I saw that the same people have the Montezuma theme which seems to be more modern and built to be responsive. They say you need know CSS and php to customize it (which I am probably able to do), but I cannot find anyone in the TNG Forum mentioning Montezuma.

Has anyone looked at it, or have any comments or suggestions? Thanks

Peter Cooper

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