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JQuery (?) code needed for this mod

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Hello all,


Suppose you don't have a side-scrolling mouse or pad.
Also suppose that you open a very wide and high descendants tree at a TNG site. Much wider and higher than your browser window.

To see the rightmost top part of that tree, you first have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the tree to find the horizontal scroll bar.
Then you have to scroll to the right and then scroll all the way up again.

Maybe to find that you scrolled too far to the right...

I have found a way to place scroll bars outside of the visible part of the tree, and adapt the visible part to the size of the browser window.
You can see it in action here:

(Make your browser only 1200-1300 pixels wide for a good "test environment")


If you scroll down with the right-most scroll bar, you will find that the box where the tree is displayed is a bit smaller than your browser window.

And you will find a horizontal scroll bar below the box.
So now you can scroll right-left without having to go to the bottom of the tree first.

So far so good.

If you hover any of the "more" arrows below the person boxes, the pop-up appears.
But... That is only if you have not scrolled the tree in any direction:

When you use the scroll bars, the pop-ups lose their orientation and appears at places you don't expect - often outside the visible part.

(And that's even worse than having to scroll to the bottom.)

So: Is there some coder out there who knows what to do and where, to give the correct coordinates to the pop-ups?
I certainly can not do it... Unfortunately

(Posted also at tngusers2)


Thanks In Advance,



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Because of a mis-understanding of what I read I couldn't get it to work before.

A closer study and ... :-D ... it works like a charm! As can be seen at the above link.


Good morning (it's 3:35 AM here)



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