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Chart Info js

I have a project that I need expert help and willing to pay $100. via paypal.

It is a javascript that previously worked on my TNG ver 9. site, and stopped working in ver 10. that created a 'chart' on the getperson page

(maybe a change in the onload pagename or bodyID in core tng code changes from 9.0 to 10.0 or 11.???)

I would like to get this working again for tng ver 11.



The actual javascript   ( chartInfo.js )  file will be attached.   Note the filename is chart Info using a capital I for Info


1)  We had replaced some code in the header.php to only start the javascript  if it was loading a 'getperson' page

----- Edited here ---  opps  actually we put the call into the footer.php   right before the end of the page

    <!--  Start Chart Load for Get Person -->
        <?php if ($theme['pagename']=='getperson')  echo "<script type='text/javascript'>getChartInfo()</script>" ?>
<?php } ?>    

-------End of edited-----


<body id="<?php echo $theme['pagename']; ?>">
<body id="<?php echo $theme['pagename']; ?>" <?php if ($theme['pagename']=='getperson') echo "onload='getchartInfo()' " ?>>



2)  Then we defined the javascript in the meta.php



    // put JavaScript calls here ?>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/chartInfo.js"></script>


3) The myvars.php  which is loaded by the code from customconfig.php

$theme['active'] = "yes";
if ($theme['active'] == "yes") {
    $theme['path'] = "templates/template99/";
    include($cms['tngpath']. "myvars.php");


4)  In myvars the   $theme['pagename']  is defined as

$theme['pagename'] = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ,'.php');


The 1familytree.com  web site uses a custom template (template99)


The javascript basically was using the DOM (?) from the  tng - getperson.php page to create the chart , which I just inserted at the top of the page.

It was originally designed by Tom DeNeef who created Genealogica Grafica but no longer has time to work on things beyond his own program

(www.genealogicagrafica.nl by tdeneef@qolor.nl)


Hopefully I have explained this well enough for a code expert / javascript expert can help me get this working in TNG ver 11.

Please send me an email if you would like to tackle this project.  1familytree.com@gmail.com



Jay Wilpolt 




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