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A Couple of tng-wp-plugin formating questions

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Ok, 1st I have TNG working great with the wp-tng plugin, BUT the footer is only centered on the index.php page.  Where/what do I edit to have it centered on all the rest of the TNG pages?

2nd, I've added 2 items to cust_text.php to change the Home link and Search link to Genealogy Home and Search Home, but I just can't seem to remember where I edited this change before.  A little help please?  Thanks.

Figured out the Home and search issue. it's in genlib.php lines 471 and 475.  Still trying to figure out centering the footer on all pages.....

Figured out the centering and learned a couple of things from another post.  index.php uses the footer code in that index.php file.  all the other pages use footer.php, so i just aligned that center.  duh....

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issues solved

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