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Iframe versus Include

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Hello ! The cms I use is brand new, even in alpha version. It can run alright, but examples and feedback are near to non-existent.

I am trying to integrate my TNG in the cms, calling it via an upper menu link. Here is the site : http://chauvigne.info/   with the menu links Geneakat (iframe : OK) and Geneatest  (include : KO) Sorry : very few pages of TNG are public, since it is set with login requirement.

I managed this integration via an iframe in a page : http://chauvigne.info/geneakat.php. But I would prefer an integration via an include, such as I did with the gallery (link Documents : http://chauvigne.info/album.php ) But my include try  http://chauvigne.info/geneatest.php  is a failure, since it looks like the cms and TNG both use session management and members management with cookies. And I am lost, since I am really no coder.

Here is the code I used for my include test file :

htable("", "100%");
// tng integration START
	$path_to_tng = "mat/";
	define("TNG_ROOT", $path_to_tng);
	require(TNG_ROOT . "index.php");
// tng integration END

An advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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