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How can I export Gedcom to Findmypast

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Hi : I wish to export my tree to Findmypast as a Gedcom. I go into Import/export, click on the Export tab/Export Media Links. I have put in the right paths like "..\Photos\" and click on Export. All my numbers come up. Then I click on Download Gedcom, then all my names come up that are on my tree. What do I do now?? In the Import Gedcom screen, I click on select and its sitting in that folder. How can I get the Gedcom out of there and get it on Findmypast or has that Export Gedcom gone some where else.    Warren

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This is the way that I exported my TNG gedcom to Findmypast using 'FileZilla' ftp program to connect to my hosts server...

  • Once connected go to your public_html folder and find your TNG folder (or whatever you have named the folder that holds your TNG files).
  • In the TNG folder look for sub folder called 'gedcom' where you should find the gedcom file you have previously exported.
  • Drag this file to (say) your desktop (In Windows select the gedcom file in Filezilla with left mouse button, hold button down, drag over to Windows desktop and release).
  • Sign in to Findmypast, select 'family tree' from top menu then select 'Import a tree'.


  • Click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the gedcom file on your desktop (or where ever you downloaded it)
  • Click 'Upload'

The gedcom file will take several minutes to upload and install - just watch the screen updates to follow it's progress.

Good luck!




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