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Hans Snaterse

Joomla and TNG

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Hans Snaterse

Before I switched to TNG I used for my genealogytree a Web site build with Joomla and the Joaktree component. Sins I get problems and the creator of Joaktree left to be able to help me with this I am eventually stepped over to TNG.

I know that TNG work without Joomla or Wordpress but I found the templates from Joomla beautiful and want to just one of them. So I want to use TNG with Joomla, Joomla I know through and through only I don't now how to just Joomla and TNG.
There is a bridge but that is for older versions of Joomla and TNG so is there someone how can help me with this problem.


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John Paulding

I think the only thing now is tng/wordpress but that is working good and lots of good themes for wordpress.


There's also a tng mod to add wiki to tng but it does not do anything for style


You can do quite a bit of styling of tng using css which is not too difficult to learn

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