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House Cleaning

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I have a crazy plan and multiple ideas for this site.  I think the first thing though is cleanup what is here.

No rush but as you guys have time can you look around and see if you think any changes are required to the forum portion?  I am open to anything and to be honest you don't need my permission if you want to make changes on your own.

The issue with the search turned out to be that the main categories were not configured properly from the old version.  When I was looking at that I saw this forum just out by itself.


Does that one post in there need to go somewhere?  Be removed?  It is locked for viewing by Members right now.

Is there a need to re-arrange the structure?  I think it may be okay but if you have input let me know.

Do we archive old posts?  Looking at the stats, half of the posts here are more than 5 years old and probably can be archived.  The benefit to archiving is performance. So far I have not noticed anything so there may be no need to do it right now.   Just putting the idea out there.


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