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    • Darrin Lythgoe
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      For the tenth year in a row, TNG is a winner of the GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award! Thanks to all who contributed!
      Awards are presented to all programs achieving a 4.00 or more star rating
      based on 10 or more total user reviews, with at least one review in the qualifying year. TNG has 158 total reviews (10 in 2018), and has an average rating of 4.83 stars. That’s good enough for 5th best among 287 different programs that received at least one review!
      More information on the awards can be found at GenSoftReviews (full rankings at http://www.gensoftreviews.com/rankings.php). All GenSoftReviews for TNG are posted at http://www.gensoftreviews.com/?p=825.

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    • Darrin Lythgoe
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      TNG 12 is almost here! This major upgrade includes dozens of enhancements, fixes and new features. Here’s a summary of the most significant changes:
      DNA: Jeff Robison’s DNA mod has been incorporated, providing several significant enhancements to the previous method of tracking DNA tests. Mod Manager: Rick Bisbee, Ken Roy and others have added significant improvements to this utility that allows users to easily install or remove code modifications and add-ons. Translations: TNG has now been translated into Chinese, as well as 20 other languages. Google Translate tools have also been added to the online help pages and the installation guide to allow users to view those resources in their own language. New Designs: Three new templates have been added, and improvements have been made to several others. The template settings have also been moved to a more robust location, within the database. Media Enhancements: Many improvements have been made in the way TNG handles photos and other media. These include importing media linked to citations, creating thumbnails from some PDFs, being able to show thumbnails in a single horizontal row if desired, and showing captions on top of image previews. Libraries Upgraded: Third party libraries for jQuery, jQueryUI and PHP Mailer have been upgraded to the latest versions. The C3 and D3 charting libraries have also been added. New Visualizations: A First Names page (like the existing Surnames page) provides a different way to look at your data, and the new C3/D3 charting libraries allow for pie chart representations on those pages and on the Statistics page. Security: The reCaptcha mod has been incorporated, giving TNG site owners a way to fight spam from bots. A few other security updates will prevent authorized access in previously vulnerable areas. User Access: Registered site users can now be assigned to multiple trees. Admins and editors will still see only one tree at a time, but they can easily switch from one tree to another without logging in multiple times. New Tools: A “Refresh Living” utility will re-mark people as living or deceased, depending on dates entered or time elapsed from birth, while a “Make Private” tool will mark people as private if they have been deceased less than the configured number of years. Compatibility: Pro-active changes will make sure TNG remains compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. You can get the upgrade at a discount (starting at $15.99) by going back to your previous downloads page. If you’ve lost the URL or access info, send me a message at darrin@lythgoes.net and I’ll send it to you again. If you purchased TNG 11 or the v11 upgrade at any time in the six months prior to the upgrade release date, you’ll be eligible to get the upgrade for free. Information on that will be sent out to those affected.
      If you purchased TNG through a third party (like the Guild of One-Name Studies), please contact them for information on upgrading your site.
      Also take note that Simply Hosting does not install upgrades. A helpful 15-minute video will be available to walk you through the process, but there will also be an option to pay an extra $15 to have the upgrade installed for you. If you’re doing the upgrade yourself, take a minute to review the post here from the v10 release on helpful tips for a successful upgrade.

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    • Darrin Lythgoe
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      Like TNG, the underlying PHP is constantly changing, and new updates are released every few months. Hosting providers don’t always install the latest version right away, but they almost always get to it eventually.
      When that happens, there are usually a handful of PHP functions that for whatever reason are no longer supported in the newer version. For example, the “session_register” and “session_unregister” functions were removed a while back, and all the “mysql” functions (like mysql_query) were removed with the jump to PHP 7.0.
      I have always tried to keep pace with these changes, removing functions like that from the TNG code before PHP removes them, so if you keep your TNG up to date you shouldn’t experience any problems. If you’re still running an older version of TNG, however, you may suddenly run into trouble if your hosting provider upgrades PHP without notice. It won’t affect every page on your site, but if you happen to execute some of the problem code, you’ll be stopped short. Sometimes you might get a blank page, but most of the time you’ll see an error message like this:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_register() in /public_html/genealogy/globallib.php on line 5
      It’s possible that a message like this would refer to a TNG problem, like if a key file was missing. If you want to know for sure, do a Google search on the the middle part of the error message (“Call to undefined function session_register()”, in this instance). If it’s just a problem with your TNG files, you probably won’t get many results. If the function named is one that PHP has removed though, you should see several hits referring to that fact, and you can know that it’s time to upgrade TNG.
      To get the upgrade at a discount, you can always go back to your previous TNG downloads page. The payment options will be visible in the “TNG Updates” section. If you’ve lost the access info for that page, please feel free to drop me a note.

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    • Ken Roy
      Matt, Go to Admin > Setup > and then click the Diagnostic tab.  Near the top it will tell you what PHP version is being used to host your site.  If you are on PHP 7.3, that might be the reason why the import does not work. Some hosts allow the capability to select what PHP version you can use.  If your hosting service cPanel or Control Panel does not allow PHP version selection, you will need to request that your host use PHP 7.2.  If you are using PHP 7.2 or lower, you may need to ask your hosting service whether they are seeing any errors in the PHP error log or the Apache error log Sorry, I am not a web server system administrator, but those are the only reasons I can think off why the Import would not work.
    • fluffy82
      I have a question for people who use a gedcom to import and update data: On my website, I want to include pages about for example certain occupations that require some explanation, or titles etc. If I put an occupation in my genealogy program (Family Tree Maker in my case) as a <a href="">, will that be recognised by TNG and displayed as a link, or will the code be visible? I've seen it work when entered directly into TNG, but I wonder if a gedcom import will have the same effect. If so, I would do it once in my source file. Otherwise I need to change it manually after every import... I know I could just test it myself, but exporting a gedcom, modifying it to make it compatible, uploading it through FTP, reattaching and reorganizing the media etc is a lot of work and takes over half an hour - and if it doesn't work I have to do it twice. So it is easier to ask if one of you already tried it 😎
    • geraldomeier
      If someone would know or guess the absolute path and file name name of certain TNG media files of a given TNG site, one could fetch that file(s) without logging in, even if that media would be linked to living persons and been barred for a regular user. I could do this on my own site by looking at the thumbnail of a media of a living person, editing the link information of the photo by right klicking on the media, logging out, and then paste the data to a browser, i.e.

      https://www.someTNGsite.com/photos/thumb_xyz.jpg   ... 

      Omiting the thumb_ prefix, giving the absolute path to the file : 


      And voilà, the photo can be seen in the browser, without having to go through the login procedure. I have tried this on some other systems and I could get some media files there, too.

      In short:
      If pointing the browser to the main home page  https://www.someTNGsite.com , one would have to log in, and be given the user access rights.
      If pointing the browser directly to an existing file name like https://www.someTNGsite.com/photos/xyz.jpg that file would be transferred, without having to log in, and access restrictions are ignored.
      I have tried this on TNG 11.0.1, TNG 11.0.2 and TNG 12.1 systems. Is this the normal wanted behaviour of TNG? Is this because of misconfigurated systems (i.e. do we have to enter manually restrictions on some  .htaccess files)? Or do we have some security issue here?

      Thanks for looking into this.

    • brummie23
      HI Ken, I had to look up what PHP was as I have never heard of it, it seems to be a computer script of some kind,  I don't think I have ever used it. The GEDCOM was moved to the GEDCOM folder on my site using Transmit. On My "Import/Export >> GEDCOM Import" page it says "Import GEDCOM (standard 5.5 format):" From your computer - Choose File OR From web site (in GEDCOM folder)...Select  It then has a couple of options and then an "Import Into:" - Destination Tree: (which is set to my family tree) Then "Replace (In selected tree):" - with more options And finally - "Import Data:" SO the problems are at Choose file I can't as it won't give me access to the GEDCOM by activating the Select button and providing a drop down list and the Import Data button at the bottom of the window does not appear to be active.  I Hope this clarifies things. Matt.
    • theKiwi
      That is how it works - the GEDCOM file contains only the links to the media. You have to upload the media yourself by FTP to the right places that the GEDCOM file is expecting to see them. Roger