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  2. bittone

    Chart settings

    Would anyone mine sharing their chart setting with me. Mine are all over the place, both horizontal and vertical charts, the spacing seem to be off requiring one to scroll all over to see the individuals Vertical Chart Box Width: Box Height: Spacing: Box Name Size: Descendancy Chart Initial Display: Max Generations: Initial Generations: Start Descendancy: Show Notes and Custom Events on Register: Register Generations: Pedigree Chart Initial Display: Max Generations: Initial Generations: Popup Spouses: Yes No Popup Children: Yes No Popup Chart Links: Yes No Hide Empty Boxes: Yes No Box Width (w/o popups): Box Height (w/o popups): Box Alignment (w/o popups): Box Height Shift (w/o popups):
  3. I have previously discussed my approach in these forums. To distill it to the most basic, you can do a custom header & footer pretty easily which will go a long way toward giving you a customized look & feel. Then you can add any additional pages you wish. All the while retaining the intrinsic TNG pages & styling. Or, you could seek-out and alter the inherent TNG css styling and change to conform to your new 'custom' styling by adding the necessary lines to mytngstyle.css. Or, as in my case, I began my 'overhaul' by selecting a website template I found online (of which there are thousands), changing the header & footer to suit me, incorporating some of the new page elements contained in that website template while, also creating my own page layouts by incorporating still other of those elements; in the end. None this 'customization' affected the intrinsic TNG data-layout and they continue to function as originally designed. However, esthetic css styling changes were made as noted above to provide the consistent 'look & feel'. All has worked fairly well. One issue I have recently noticed is that in some screen sizes (as viewed with Firefox screen emulations), not all TNG pages seem to be mobile-ready but this may have something to do with v10.1.2 that I use which was begun way-back when we TNG users were collectively coming up with mobile enhancements; that is to say, that some of these mobile-friendly issues I am now noticing may well be resolved by upgrading the TNG version since those mobile-enhancements pioneering efforts of yester-year are now incorporated in TNG. Still, I have not spent a lot of additional time trying to solve any perceived problems with my website since launching it in its current form a couple years ago - why? because it seems to work, for the most part. At any rate, my approach to customization may offer you some useful ideas.
  4. Thanks Ken, I was able to move TNG V9.0.3 from windows to Linux. Next step would be to ju,p from 9.0.3 to 12.1.0
  5. fluffy82

    CSS question, is it possible to use W3.css?

    Hi Bev, if you want to test it, you can always rename the original file (something like "genstyle_original.css") and create an empty genstyle.css. If it doesn't work for you, you can simply remove the empty genstyle.css, and rename the original one that you've kept. The only problems I encountered with the empty genstyle are: - some MOD's I use make changes to the file, so I needed to keep the couple of lines that serve as a target to be able to properly install the MOD's - the TNG user pages are automatically displayed inheriting the css of my WordPress theme, but the admin pages don't for some reason... It looking ugly is no problem for me, as my main tree is on FamilyTreeMaker and I only use import gedcom to populate my database, but for some options I do use it's an issue (like resolving place names or accepting new users): without the css, the buttons to click ("edit", "save",...) don't display... The only solution I found for problem #2, is to keep the genstyle code in an unused file, and activate it when I need it. I'm still looking for a way to force the admin pages to use the WordPress css. The positive sides are: - I don't need to try something in the Firefox editor, connect to FTP, download the css, modify the css, upload it again, double check if it works, start over if it didn't... Any change or extra css code can be added through the WordPress customizer, online, from any computer. It's fast and easy. - the TNG pages look like the WordPress pages without much trouble - there's no endless overriding of css code and everything becomes much cleaner and easier to handle Do note that I'm speaking from a Wordpress environment. I don't know W3pro, and I don't know if it responds in a similar manner. The one thing I can assure you, is that there's no danger in playing with the genstyle.css, as long as you keep the original content saved somewhere and somehow. If something goes wrong, the original css can be restored with one click. CSS doesn't affect the actual content of your website, so you don't need to worry of "breaking" the site or "loosing" something in your database. Go ahead and try, I'd say! Regards, Tom
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  7. Upgrade should be from any version of TNG v9
  8. Hi Ken, Thanks for the quick reply. I guess i have to ask my boss to request a copy of said version from TNG. Is there a direct upgrade path from V9.0.3 to V12.1.0?
  9. TNG v9.2.2 which is the latest TNG v9 shows as running on PHP 5.6 in the TNG Wiki article on TNG versions and PHP versions they support. Darrin does provide a TNG v9 to v12.1 upgrade
  10. Hi Folks, I am working on moving TNG V9 running on Windows 7 with WAMP to linux (Debian 8 - Jessie) BTW, this not my TNG site but was tasked by my boss since I am the IT guy :-) A couple of quick questions: The linux box came with mysql-server version 5.5.6a, PHP version 5.6.40 and apache 2.4.10. Can this combo be used for TNG V9? Once I successfully move it to linux, my boss wanted me to upgrade it to the latest version, V12. Is there a direct upgrade path from 9 to 12 or do I have to do intermediate updates? Thank you in advance.
  11. Dick Martin

    Replacing photos on Template 15 index page

    Oh, and visiting your page caused mental flashbacks to high school French class. Thanks for the memories.
  12. Dick Martin

    Replacing photos on Template 15 index page

    Hi, Cedric, I haven't worked on this much lately. I can say what I told someone else offline that it proved helpful to dust off my copy of PhotoShop Elements. It has a couple of advantages over lesser photo editors. Both advantages have to do with selections. PS shows the dimensions of a selection so it's easier to tell when one has achieved a 360x200 selection portion of an image. Better yet, PS provides selection transformation so that the selection can be resized to exact or almost exact dimensions of 360x200. A selection can also be moved around "above" the image to place the 360x200 selection to achieve the most pleasing crop of the 360x200 portion of the image. When the cropped image is saved and configured into Feature 3 of Template 15, it does NOT push Feature 3 below feature 2. Oddly, an 360x159 image from an earlier effort is not successful but rather does push Feature 3 down below 3. It seems like the html rendering is only "happy" if the image size exactly matches the width and height hard-coded into index.php. Likewise, an image significantly smaller than 360x200 but with proportional dimensions is not successful, either.
  13. Hi everyone, (anyone). I've been attempting to design a new template (though I'm not averse to using no template - either way is good). I've got the html version exactly as I want it (outside of my tng installation on my laptop localhost). I've used W3pro.css and a generated colour theme, works fantastically, and is mobile friendly (at least in Chrome and Firefox developer view). My question is this. Can I use W3pro.css to over-ride the genstyle.css WITHOUT causing problems to the admin/genealogical pages. I know some modifications (font size etc) can adversely affect the tables and layout. Or is it possible to use both w3pro.css and genstyle.css side by side. I've read a post by fluffy82 who deleted the entire contents of the genstyle.css, I'm a bit scared to attempt that even on the testing server although I suppose can just delete everything and start over on that if necessary. My problem mainly is that I'm good with CSS (and w3.css) and HTML - but then turning the html into topmenu, index and footer php is another matter ­čśä I'm really only trying to adapt the public side of the site - not the admin side - if that makes a difference! Any advice would be welcome... Thank you in advance Bev
  14. BeverleyStimpson

    Will TNG work for us?

    I might possibly be interfering a bit, but I believe that the Clan McLellan (McLellan is one of my own ancestral surnames hence the interest) have put TNG to good use for their Clan links. I believe they have adapted template 14 - have a look at their website - obviously for privacy reasons you can't look into the genealogy without registering https://clanmaclellanancestry.com/MacTrees/index.php
  15. Thanks for the additional background on a surely difficult situation for both the genealogist and genealogical software to record and display in a two dimensional chart. I think TNG has done a fair job for addressing my simple problem.
  16. I use Family Historian for my PC input base, and I posed the same question on the FHUG (family historian user group forum). The answer received was similar to yours, in that one can alter the position of the family to first or second via a drag-type operation. So only it is only the first set of parents (in sequence) that will ever appear in the 'ancestors' tab, and the other will not. This is the same behavior in Family Historian. However, I do see the family chart accommodates this with a nice side icon indicating 'other families', with which one can switch back and forth between birth and adopted familes as well. Family Historian does not offer such a charting feature so thumbs up to TNG for that. Thanks for the help!
  17. Ken Roy

    SQL Error

    Randal, If this is an upgrade, why are you missing the table name in the query? Or did you do a full install for your upgrade, in which case you need to define the tables needed by the mods that add new tables.
  18. boonie67

    SQL Error

    Testing upgrade to TNGv12.1 and have an error in Erik's Forum mod related to SQL maria database. Query: SELECT threadID, forumID, threadDateTime FROM WHERE threadDeleted = 1;You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE threadDeleted = 1' at line 1 This code snippet if from forum_index.php which is installed but has this error on the page.
  19. Newfloridian

    Adoptive vs. Birth Parents in Ancestor Display

    Hi Ron I think you have touched on a far wider issue here than just the adopted (I'm not actually sure how often you can see confirmatory documentation of both sides of an adoption anyway). How do you present the illegitimate? The surname of the birth mother? The surname of the family they grew up with? I don't think there is one answer but it becomes a matter of personal choice and the emphasis of your site. It could be the difference between following genealogy and family history. What if you are a 65 year old administering his own site who suddenly finds by DNA test that he was illegitimate and adopted (never known before). Does he now follow genetics or the people he called "auntie" from being a child. If you haven't seen it before, you might like to look this newspaper article (and the historical ramifications it could have led to) about Justin Welby from 2016: DNA test reveals my secret father was Sir Winston Churchill's private secretary Alan ** Also, if you are a family historian, how do you present stillbirths? A local cemetery has indexed the interment of a couple of hundred of them over the years.
  20. Ron While in edit mode for the child, in the Parent's section you should see a'Drag' option on the left of each family. Drag these to the order you want eg in your example, Birth above Adopted.
  21. On subject of adoption vs. birth ancestral display.Perhaps a simple answer for this. A child has adoptive parents (had been entered first), and birth parents (added later). The 'relationship row' is specified as 'adopted' for the relation to the adoptive parents, and as 'birth' for the birth parents.. My question is, if the 'ancestors' tab is selected for the child on the individual page, only the adoptive parents are shown, and the birth parents are not charted. Is this proper? I thought it would take the birth parents for the ancestor chart/tab, or does it take the first set of parents specified? If so, if I unlink and relink those parents, will that accomplish the desired result?
  22. Hi cfj, Thanks for these. mobile mod needed another } but that seems to work now, at least putting it into a tile format for the phone. Glad you remembered that one otherwise I could have been feeling it was all there only to find it was rough on phones! /*Responsive design at the bottom cfj mytngstyle to show well on phones- added extra { */ @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { h1.site-title {font-size:40px!important;margin-top:100px!Important; } } Search colour is great now, with the blue # code for the rest of the top menu. Lastly, thanks for the info on the href format. I have found that you can just relate it to the TNG root folder, so this works: <a href="documents/Gotts_Names_v30.pdf"> MASTER Listshorttitle </a> How stable that is might be another matter. At least I can get on and sort out the words and links on the Home page. Thanks very much for all your help. Rgds Ian
  23. Michael Schmidt

    Is it possible to define a "standard"-tree?

    Thank you! I didn't notice that option...I'll look more carefully
  24. Oops, forgot responsive design, sorry. Ian, can you try this: /*Responsive design at the bottom of mytngstyle */ @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { h1.site-title {font-size:40px!important;margin-top:100px!Important; } Play with the code a little bit. I would recommend Firefox Web Developer - A great tool to change the css files online and see how it effects your site. /*Search box text top right colour*/ .search-menu-item { color:blue!important;}/*Color black, gray, ligthblue, etc*/ You should have all your documents in the folder tng/documents or anywhere else, but not your template folder. You maybe later want to change your theme. The link to your file works, but you don't have the right path to the file. Your link was set to TNG. Here are the right path: <a href=" https://gotts.one-name.net/tng/documents/Gotts_Names_v30.pdf"> Master </a>
  25. Ian I use 2 side by side windows on occasions. The below is how your site displayed when opened in a width adjusted window. The Title disappeared and is not viewable anywhere on the page.
  26. Katryne

    Will TNG work for us?

    Hello ! I started a village genealogy site ith TNG 15 months ago. I entered numerous small independant families which will be possibly connected, some day. Or maybe not. And TNG can do the job quite easily. I used Template 13, but had to modify it a bit to get rid of the "Mom" ot "Dad" sides.
  27. Hi cfj, Finally got to work. Not sure what happened along the way but the colours disappeared, so I guess the colors section must have got corrupted. This is what I ended up with, the font being sans-serif Roboto and the text left justified in its container, which makes it look more centralised. https://gotts.one-name.net/tng/index.php /* */ .mmaintitle, .site-title, .site-title a{font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;!important;} h1.site-title {font-family: 'Open Sans','Roboto', sans-serif;!important; font-size: 40px!important;} Thanks for your help with this. I don't know if you can answer two more things I have been struggling with or whether you want me to put up a new question: 1 The Search box text top right colour does not get set in TNG Coloring Book, and I can't find anywhere that appears to do it. Any thoughts? 2 I have been trying to link to a pdf file from text box 3. Should these be in tng/documents or in the template15/media? It is behnind the word 'Master' at the bottom, and it just says 404 not found. This is the code I have used: <p>This link has the Reference numbers for Gottses in trees. It has a cutoff date of 1920, so for any later dates please contact me.</p><a href=" https://gotts.one-name.net/TNG/documents/Gotts_Names_v30.pdf"> Master </a> Thanks Ian
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