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  2. Pereson ID on getperson.php

    Paul, I pulled a few lines from a much larger personal MOD for this cfg file. You're welcome to try it out. It adds the personID unobtrusively below the name on the getperson page. It does this in genlib.php. With other code I removed the personID has been removed from the lower part of the page, but that's a bit tied into other things so not included in this cfg. I have done similarly with Family pages as well, and additionally removed the rather large family id which follows the names as well. This MOD only impacts the getperson pageheader ID. On my LIVE system, there has been font bolding,etc as well, but again, it is tied into other changes. Here's the before after on an otherwise clean 11.1.1 system. Ron personID_in_header.cfg
  3. Pereson ID on getperson.php

    My view as well. If you want a change then create or get someone to do a mod for you. Alternatively you can add the reference number in events:
  4. Yesterday
  5. I have multiple trees and I dont want the site search to apply to show results from all the trees. In advanced search, there is an option to select the tree but I want this is for the quick search in the page navigation where I want to set a certain tree as default. Is there a way of doing that? Thanks!
  6. Pereson ID on getperson.php

    Paul I'm glad it's not up there. What about people with titles, prefix/suffix and/or nickname ? i.e. it would look too cluttered. Also, an ID number is not part of the name, so best left "as is" in my opinion.
  7. Pereson ID on getperson.php

    I know the ID appears at the bottom of the first section but it's shown alongside the person's name on some other screens and it's where I intuitively look. Is there a reason it's not shown here on getperson.php? I looked but could not see a mod for this. Regards Paul
  8. Spaces Between Notes

    You can go to Admin>> Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> Miscellaneous >> Show Notes: and select either 'Underneath events, except for general notes' OR 'Underneath corresponding events where possible'.
  9. I've just learned how to add hyperlinks in a Note. I love using the Note feature, but I don't like how closely they're spaced. For example, in the clipping I have attached, I don't like how there's no separation between the note regarding the date of his death and the link to Find A Grave. Is there a way to show the Notes in separate boxes, such as the way the Name, Birth, Death, Burial are separated?
  10. Displaying Family Events

    I like the way the chronological life events build up to create a visual story but the separation of family events such as marriage and births of children into a separate block spoils the effect. I can't see a mod that addresses this. The time line view helps but, is it me, or would it be easier to read if were vertically oriented? (Easier to scroll too) I suppose I could not record marriages against the family but use custom events against the two people, replicating one from the other but that doesn't seem to follow the spirit of how it should be done. Any suggestions please? Regards Paul
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  12. Pins Colour at Event Map

    Wouldn't something like the following make it language independent, at least for the standard events? if($data['text']==$text['born']) $pinplacelevel='054'; if($data['text']==$text['married']) $pinplacelevel='010'; if($data['text']==$text['died']) $pinplacelevel='184'; To make your key, instead of doing the loop, you could do another list. Something like: $persontext .= "<img src=\"{$cms['tngpath']}img/054.png\" alt=\"{$text['born']}\" height=\"17\" width=\"10\" class=\"alignmiddle\"/>&nbsp;: " . $text['born'] . " &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"; $persontext .= "<img src=\"{$cms['tngpath']}img/010.png\" alt=\"{$text['married']}\" height=\"17\" width=\"10\" class=\"alignmiddle\"/>&nbsp;: " . $text['married'] . " &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"; $persontext .= "<img src=\"{$cms['tngpath']}img/184.png\" alt=\"{$text['died']}\" height=\"17\" width=\"10\" class=\"alignmiddle\"/>&nbsp;: " . $text['died'] . " &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"; You could comment out the "if($nonzeroplaces) {" line and the end of the if, or copy what is inside and make an else with this copied code inside it where you could then replace the loop. With having about 20 markers in the legend, it could end up being a bit long. So that is where you could download one of those mods and copy the google_text_marker.php file and the LiberationSansRegular font file and have lines that read something like: $persontext .= '<img src="'.$cms['tngpath'].'google_text_marker.php?text='.$text['born'].'&amp;image=054.png" alt="'.$text['born'].'" />'."\n"; $persontext .= '<img src="'.$cms['tngpath'].'google_text_marker.php?text='.$text['married'].'&amp;image=010.png" alt="'.$text['married'].'" />'."\n"; $persontext .= '<img src="'.$cms['tngpath'].'google_text_marker.php?text='.$text['died'].'&amp;image=184.png" alt="'.$text['died'].'" />'."\n";
  13. Jay, the starting person for each branch is listed next to the branch description in the column titled "Starting Individual". So you do have both. Line 17 is causing the behavior you are seeing. If a user is not logged in, it redirects to thispagedoesnotexist.html This works if you have require login set to "Yes", since that ends up redirecting you to index.php on logout and if you followed a bookmark/favorite/manually typed the address takes you to login.php. For an open site, it should probably take you to login.php instead though.
  14. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    Thanks for the explanation. Your 2nd sentence with " auto-untrims (re-creates/enables) that menu item" did resurrect the menu. I had TNG for a several years but never used it to its fullest extend. I am learning a lot.
  15. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    Any trimmed menu items are not currently in use : e.g . for me Recordings. If I decide to add a recording (add media) it auto-untrims (re-creates/enables) that menu item You can only trim items that don't exist : i.e. have a count of zero
  16. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    How do I add an item to a previously trimmed menu? Where do I find a previously trimmed menu?
  17. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    I think the last item that Roger is referring to is saying, if you add a media item to one of the previously trimmed collections, the menu will return.
    • lesdelc
    • Merv

    Merv, I browsed you site this morning. You have a done a great  job! This encourage me to develop my website further. Is there a place I can get the icons that are on your site? The icons are great.

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    2. lesdelc


      Merv, here are the attached items from the main page of your website. I guess icon would be an incorrect description. On the main page you have several of these menu items. Can they be downloaded from the TNG Wiki site?



    3. Merv
    4. lesdelc


      Thanks Merv for the quick response. I am slowly getting the website put together.


  18. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    Yes, I am referring to the media drop-down menu. I trimmed it at Import/Export >> Secondary Processes then Trim Media Menus.
  19. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    Roger, that is my question. How can I add a trimmed menu item to resurrect it when I do not know where to find it?
  20. Trim Media Menus - Recover Trimmed Menus

    Doesn't the very last item in your screen shot answer your question? If you add something to a trimmed menu it will come back again. Roger
  21. See "Trim media menus"... add an item for the trimmed COLLECTION and the menu will return...
  22. Hi, Are you referring to the Media drop-down menu? If so, how did you trim it?
  23. I trimmed the media menus. How do I recover the menus that were trimmed?
  24. Pins Colour at Event Map

    I consider this idea to be ingenious. Unfortunately, writing a new mod to transform the Place Level into an Event Type is over my skill.
  25. Listing of all branches a logged in user is member of

    Brent, also FYI When I have used the page script browsebranchesonlymine.php and go to click on logout i get a this page doesnotexist.... not sure why? On my site, login with user 1familytreeguest and pw = FamilyTreeGuest123 to see. Thanks jay
  26. Listing of all branches a logged in user is member of

    Brent, Thanks so much for that.... An FYI for everyone That personID displayed is the the one attached to the USER record and NOT the "start" PersonID of the branch. (would be great if we had both)
  27. Jay, I have attached an updated file with the person ID listed as you suggested. I have also removed the search, since there really isn't a point in giving someone a listing of their branches and then letting them search the branches for a specific one. Brent browsebranchesonlymine.php
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