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  2. What if you uncheck port 80. In EZ?
  3. There seems to be a persistent conflict with setting port 80 via the EZ wizzard. Test with canyoyseeme.org gives no error messages. All ports are accessible from outside. Synology does not seem to know my router Experia Box V10 model H 369A and is not on the router list either. I have manually entered ports 80 and 443 in the router, but it remains a problem.
  4. I assume this is just a matter of changing the default value in the code (and then repeating the change every time there's a release)? What do I need to look for, please? I need to do the first and last name searches in people and families TIA Paul
  5. Hey, you managed it? Oh no, something went wrong. Michael
  6. Joyaa, Since you have conflicts in nearly every cust_text.php, expand the Info box at the top of the Display Private Notes mod article page and follow the instructions on how to update your cust_text.php files using the Mod Manager Recommended Updates tab
  7. Joyaa The first thing I would check is that the other conflicts are resolved. Each refers to the cust_text.php files. Check that each has the correct text required. //Mods should put their changes before this line, local changes should come after it. Did you run the update in the Mod Manager 'Recommended Updates' tag. Hope the wild weather up there has reduced. Winter creeping in down here.
  8. Check that you have the correct display private notes mod for your version of TNG
  9. Hi Team, I am using TNG 13.0.3 and am trying to install Display Private Notes V12.1.0.2. I am unable to install the "Display Private Notes" Mod - apparently due to the "Public Access Control Mod". I have never heard of - nor ever installed a "Public Access Control Mod" (so far as I can recall). I'd love some advice - and thanks in advance. Thank you, Joyaa
  10. Jan Bastiaanssen


    Thanks a lot Michel, I will try this tonight. Thanks, Jan
  11. Michel KIRSCH


    Jan, to make what you want, you must do 3 things : 1) modify the $query to "import" the owner from the table 2) Add a column and it's title to the table 3) insert the data imported in the new column In admin_media.php : 1) Modifying the $query : modify this block : $query = "SELECT $media_table.mediaID as mediaID, $medialinkID description, notes, path, thumbpath, mediatypeID, abspath, mediakey, usecollfolder, $media_table.gedcom, form, changedby, DATE_FORMAT(changedate,\"%d %b %Y\") as changedatef FROM $media_table $join $wherestr ORDER BY $orderstr LIMIT $newoffset" . $maxsearchresults; in : $query = "SELECT $media_table.mediaID as mediaID, $medialinkID description, notes, owner, path, thumbpath, mediatypeID, abspath, mediakey, usecollfolder, $media_table.gedcom, form, changedby, DATE_FORMAT(changedate,\"%d %b %Y\") as changedatef FROM $media_table $join $wherestr ORDER BY $orderstr LIMIT $newoffset" . $maxsearchresults; 2) Add a column : After this line, <td class="fieldnameback fieldname"><nobr> <b><?php echo $admtext['linkedto']; ?></b> </nobr></td> insert : <td class="fieldnameback fieldname"><nobr>&nbsp;<b><?php echo "Your column name here"; ?></b>&nbsp;</nobr></td> 3) add the data : after this block : $medialinktext = $medialinktext ? "<ul>\n$medialinktext\n</ul>\n" : "&nbsp;"; echo "<td nowrap class=\"lightback normal\" valign=\"top\">$medialinktext</td>\n"; Add this line : echo "<td nowrap class=\"lightback normal\" valign=\"top\">{$row['owner']}</td>\n"; Tested. Don't forget to make it permanent with a Mod ! Michel
  12. Yesterday
  13. BeverleyStimpson

    Replacement Sprites

    I'm trying to find a similar solution, I want to use a personalised icon font instead of the sprites or an image in my custom drop down menu, but can't figure out a way to do it. Adding the font as a class ( <i class="font-symbol here"></i> ) stops the page from displaying altogether. I'd be grateful for any input please
  14. Michel KIRSCH

    Collapse Notes Field

    Done, Ron. For all : do you have big notes to collapse binded with an event? If not, the mod is ready to test...
  15. Sorry I didn't do that with EZ. But If you have a virtual host, you have to change that port first, or uncheck: Virtual Host. I would recommend to do it with Poort forwarding IPv4 on your router.
  16. Thank you, I remember that while setting up the ports, a message came up saying that some ports were busy and that another port had been chosen. Unfortunately, it did not say which port(s) it was. Now when I want to set the port manually I get the error message that there is a conflict with the current forwarding ports. Is it possible that I need to adjust something in the router?
  17. cblund

    Media problem (not loading)

    I have the same problem.. but don't understand the "redundant person tabs" fix... What did you do? I have fixed the collation sequence in the tabel tng_image_tags, but the problem remain. The large photo only shows "Loading", but can be shown by pressing "Slide Show" (see attached). The sources of the two seems identical. My site is https://engvang.dk/slaegt
  18. http://apgw.synology.me:64326/ it works with that port. The 5001 is only for your DSM, not for your webserver. Now you have to tell your router in the routerconfig to forward port 80 instead of 64326. But pay attention. After that your website and your webserver is accessible.
  19. Joyaa

    Add collection in media section

    There's better help text when you try to add a new collection - here Here is a screenshot of how it starts ... Joyaa
  20. Jan Bastiaanssen


    Using admin_media.php, I get the standard report. I would like a extra column Owner/Source between Linked to and Last modified. Is that posssible; if yes how can i realize that. Thanks, Jan
  21. Can it be there is a problem with the port? As the website uses https port 5001
  22. Last week
  23. The first Possibility is on the Router: Do it with Poort forwarding IPv4. Another possibility is on your Syno: Under External Access at first DDNS. Then --> Routerconfiguration --> Setup Router. You can test if it works on your Synology account website: https://account.synology.com/ Maybe you have to read a little
  24. Tore Werner

    Unable to add Family or Personal events

    I can edit the contents of the database table manually, but don't know what to write in it. Can anybody send/email me a backup of the table in question? The table are: "tng_eventtypes"
  25. Hi all! I made a new install of version 13.0.3 (made a mess of the former install...) After registering the first person I discovered that I was unable to add "Other events" - the Event-type field is blank, and not possible to choose f.ex. "RESI - Residence". The field is requiered, a pull-down menu, but there's nothing to choose from.. ­čśĘ The same goes for other Family events. Any ideas or fix for this problem?
  26. Not really Michel. This is a user-to-user support forum that Darrin does not monitor. At one time the New Ideas and Suggestion forum was a way to communicate new requirements to Darrin but I am not sure that is true any more since new users have used that particular forum for other reasons.
  27. Michel KIRSCH


    OK Roel. Michel
  28. Michel KIRSCH

    Collapse Notes Field

    Wel done Jan. The official mods will be released in a few days. The version 6 you've downloaded is a beta version (Normally, works fine...) Michel
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