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  2. I am having a weird little problem trying to get a list to generate from a couple to event types, I am really not very good at reports but I was able to run a simple one that pulled a bunch of the occurrences but for some reason not all of them. I can't seem to get the others to display they include the underscore events which I never used so I can only guess the got added on a gedcom import which means they have been there for a long time because I have not done a gedcom import in many years, they in include: _MILT, _ MDCL & _Dcause. now the _MILT I had about 130 count as you can see I have gotten it down to 49 but for the life of me I can't get it to list those last 49, I have tried all the variables _MILT date, _MILT:Date(true), _MILT:Place, MILT::Fact etc with no results. I have done the same for the _MDCL with zero results. Any help to get a list of these would be appreciated. Thanks Bill
  3. IMO, I find it easiest to insert the code into index.php, unless it's simple text with some html. In fact, though you can have html code in the template setup area, not sure you can have SQL and PHP script in there. At one time I had html code there, but found it a bit clumsier to maintain that way than using an editor on a template folder's index.php.
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  5. Thanks Graham. So, just to confirm, I need to mod the templates index.php file directly to get the Welcome code to work, rather than utilise the template settings (admin > setup > template settings) which are inserted into the index.php?
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  7. Using the code in index.php, my homepage (for all templates) changes as shown (first manual-old date, second via code-correct date), will need to find the other elements too.
  8. I've been looking into something similar...
  9. Understood - I meant a table for my particular display desires.
  10. It doesn't require a table, only a set of data definitions and a paragraph to display the results.
  11. I have an About Us page which includes Quick Site Stats that I update manually each time I do a new gedcom import. It's not an inconvenience to do this manually but perhaps I can incorporate this code to do it automatically but might be more work than worthwhile considering it probably? would require constructing a table.
  12. I just did some testing, and, with some tweaking for fonts,etc., the 'Welcome' code can work on other templates as well. I do periodic (entire tree) gedcom imports and until now, have been manually updating the welcome text with the latest stats. However, I was also including the nbr of photos, docs, headstones,notes, etc., but perhaps this will suffice, since not sure how to grab those other stats. Thanks!
  13. When I add a new person, type in the birth place and try to save the person, sometimes, I get the error message below. Same problem, if I search this place and enter it via the search. The entered place is always already in my places list. If I enter the place and add e.g. a number. I can save the person. Then I can remove the number again and everything is fine. How to avoid this? Thanks Ein Fehler ist in TNG aufgetreten. Ursache kann das Setup , ein unvollständiges Upgrade oder ein Programmfehler sein. Wenn Sie der Webseitenbetreiber sind, kontaktieren Sie den TNG-Support, um Hilfe zu erhalten. Bitte kopieren Sie die untenstehende Meldung in ihre Nachricht. Abfrage: INSERT INTO tng_places (gedcom,place,placelevel,zoom,geoignore,temple) VALUES (?,?,"0","0","0",?) ssd | tree1 | Russland | 0 Duplicate entry 'tree1-Russland' for key 'place'
  14. The 'Welcome' code is designed to be in the body of your template8/index.php (see Bryan Larson's post above) and not in admin > setup > template settings. Also all the instances of mysql_xxxxx (where xxxxx is query or result etc) need to be replaced with tng_xxxxx in current versions (v11+) of TNG. There was also an error (rogue double quote) in the original Welcome screen code (see above). If you cover both these areas it should work on your site.
  15. Hi, Picking up on this old topic, curious as to how Bryan added this to the Latest News section of his site? I too use template 8 and when I include the below code in my template 8 setup file, the variables are not retained or passed to the index.php page. Thanks
  16. Another quite different way would be to do as I've done in many instances... If there are variations of the surname, or the first names, then enter them in to the surname and/or first names fields like Moffat or Moffett or Moffitt Brian or Bryan The main advantage of doing this is that any of the names are searchable in the regular Search fields for Surname and First Names. So that means that no matter how someone else might search for a person, they're likely to find the right one. So the above person would be found by any of the following searches Brian Moffat Brian Moffett Brian Moffitt Bryan Moffat Bryan Moffett Bryan Moffitt Roger
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  18. Thanks, but I wanted to know where I can enter additional name variants so that they can be displayed below the name. See the picture: The red arrow = current displayed The yellow arrow = here should be displayed the variants GEDCOM allows multiple using names, but I do not know if TNG provided a possibility for it.
  19. Try going to Administration/Custom Event Types/... Set on import should be Accept. Then under import, when you import a new gedcom make sure you check the "Accept data for all new Custom Event Types" and those "Also Known as" names should display.
  20. Thanks Roger, perhas one time in the future there will be a possibility ...
  21. If I have multiple names (more than one spelling for one name), where can I enter them? Is there a way to enter multiple names in TNG? Maybe I just can not find this way ... GEDCOM allows multiple using for tag "NAME", e.g. with the label "TYPE aka" ("also known as"). I try it, but the generated Custom Event is not displayed under the Name (at getperson.php), but rather far down near Gender. What can I do to make the additional names listed above directly under "Name"? Thanks and greetings from Germany Jürgen
  22. Hi All, I've never seen this article before but will insist on a URL and access codes in future. We got there in the end and have a nice day.
  23. That was a little harsh Ken. I posted screenshots because I was asked to by another user. But your suggested solution was spot on so thankyou Best regards Paul
  24. The pin colours are to differentiate different place levels - so you can tell from a pin colour that the pin represents an exact place, or a town, or a county or just a country. There is currently no facility in TNG to use different pin colours to indicate different types of events. Roger
  25. Paul. Please read the forum announcement entry on How to Ask for Help Screen captures by and large are useless in trying to diagnose a problem. A direct page URL is a lot more helpful. If you go to Admin > Custom Events are the events set to Ignore or to Accept? If Ignore then they will not be displayed.
  26. Nope. Look. What have I done to the system? Is it worthwhile disabling all mods to see if that has an effect? Or is there a system setting that could be causing this? I did look but nothing obvious leapt out at me
  27. Hi Paul, Your first image of the top of the person page should list ALL those custom events as well. Are they there?
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