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  2. Google Maps - missing globe

    I am checking out Family Historian; I believe I can do that. Thanks for the tip. Ron
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  4. Google Maps - missing globe

    This is a bit off subject but having (subtle?) animated gifs for certain elements on a persons page would draw the attention of the viewer and emphasis its importance. A persons biography would be a good example. Is this worth starting up a new thread??
  5. Google Maps - missing globe

    Yes, as Merv says, I simply search with the modern name, which places the pin on the map, then save it as the historic name all the time.
  6. Google Maps - missing globe

    Hi Ron, Shouldn't you be able to search/geocode the location with the modern name but still name the place with the historic name?
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  8. Google Maps - missing globe

    Say, on this geocode topic, have a general question. With ancestors from Bohemia, which is a valid geocode location, as along as modern city names are used within that region, is there a way to notate within the place house nbrs w/o geocode failing? e.g., Kunzer #64, Desenice, Bohemia will not geocode, but Desenice, Bohemia will. I've been googling about on this but haven't seen a solution. I would prefer to keep the house # within the Place, if possible. They all come from a desktop appliation which is my primary input database and could be manually entered there. Ron
  9. Google Maps - missing globe

    I was honestly going to do the same, but the spinning got me dizzy after a few seconds !! I have animated pics on my homepage https://www.mullfamilies.co.uk/index.php
  10. Google Maps - missing globe

    Now you got me going manofmull, I went with an animated gif so my small globe spins (ha ha).
  11. Google Maps - missing globe

    (ha ha), I did not try it, but using the same globe does look ok and it should definitely fix Arnulf's needs.
  12. Google Maps - missing globe

    What a simple yet clever idea. I had to see what it would look like. I just used the same globe.gif as for the mod and renamed it to the default tng_search_small Here's what it looks like against the mod globe. I quite like it. The mod globe is on the left and larger. I did not have to resize the gif.
  13. Google Maps - missing globe

    Arnulf, In my opinion, TNG does not need improvement for this option as hovering your mouse over the magnifying glass reads "Find all individuals with events at this location" and that is exactly what TNG does, It finds, hence a magnifying glass. The globe only comes into use as previously explained but you have to also keep in mind that not all people choose to add geocodes to TNG so seeing a magnifying glass and a list of places is appropriate. And this is what is so nice about TNG... If you prefer to see a globe then you can just modify your site by replacing the appropriate ?.gif in the img directory with a small globe, then you would see a globe vice a magnifying glass. However, if you do decide to change the magnifying gif, and you also use the geocode assist mod, then you might want to find a different globe, so you would know which places have yet to be geocoded.
  14. Google Map: No auto zoom-in possible?

    Problem Solved! I searched the Net and found this page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2437683/google-maps-api-v3-can-i-setzoom-after-fitbounds All replies boiled down to change "bounds_changed" to "zoom_changed" in this code in googlemaplib.php echo " map.fitBounds(bounds);\n"; echo " google.maps.event.addListenerOnce(map, 'bounds_changed', function(event) {\n"; echo " if (map.getZoom() > $zoom) {\n"; echo " map.setZoom($zoom);\n"; echo " }\n"; echo " });\n"; I have mailed Darrin about this. I don't know if he will change it. Best regards, Erik
  15. linking TWO database

    I agree with Jim. Mods can be your friend, if you take precautions. Foremost, before any TNG upgrade/update, you should know what your host server provides in the way of full 'system' backups. Usually they are available going back several days. This is only necessary as a last resort, but you should be aware of it. Next, it is wise to uninstall all mods, thereby focusing only on the native TNG upgrade. Then, if the upgrade looks to be successful, begin reinstalling mods, one by one, so that if any have some sort of error preventing install, you may focus on what in the TNG upgrade impacted that mod. Check on the TNG Wiki, often developers have already encountered the same problem and have released a new version. If not, let the mod's author know, and proceed installing the rest of the mods. Mods are optional, so one can always wait until the author issues a new version of the problem mod. Follow these simple rules, and fear not, mod's will not get in the way of TNG and it's upgrades, and instead will enhance your TNG experience. Ron
  16. Google Maps - missing globe

    TNG should be improved. When visitors click on the magnifying glass, a map pop up. But the guide to the magnifying glass does not tell the visitor anything about a map. The text need to be changed. The magnifying glass that directs visitors to a map should be changed to an image that makes the visitor think of a map. A globe can be used, but it must be a different globe than the one shown to the administrator before geocoding.
  17. Extra menu item

    Merv Thank you very much - I will try to look at it. William
  18. How to use meta.php (Keywords Content)

    Thanks for showing me the page I guess ive been looking in the wrong areas for that type of things. I'll get the hang of it soon..
  19. linking TWO database

    I personally uninstall the mods before a upgrade, leaving the mod install files in the MOD directory. Then after upgrade, if the mod is still relevant, I reinstall it. I say relevant because from time to time some mods do get incorporated into future versions of TNG. Also, keep in mind it is a web page so you can add html code to change font type or color as well as many other things in note fields as well as other fields.
  20. linking TWO database

    Stores, Thanks, I'll check out the mod. I've never added any mods to my site, I've always been concerned about upgrades breaking things in the future. Is this a valid concern? Kamal
  21. linking TWO database

    Merv, Thanks for the example! I just added the link on my side, I didn't know you could just type in a html link into notes. Cheers, Kamal
  22. linking TWO database

    Another option is perhaps to use the Same Person Link mod https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Same_Person_Link which will just make it easier to check the 2nd tree for changes but this will not help with the Ancestors chart.
  23. linking TWO database

    Hi, What you could to link your wife's record on your site and her record on her Dad's is to put the link in the notes section on both sites. Others here may have other advice. .
  24. Mobile responsive trouble

    Doh! Deja vu from 2013. Simply clearing browser cache in Chrome solved this.
  25. linking TWO database

    Thanks Merv, Too bad there isn't a way to link trees together. re: External link Can you give me example on how to link within TNG. I would like to link my Wife's record from my server to her Dad's server. I can't see any obvious place to create a link within her record, what I am missing? Thanks, Kamal
  26. Just upgraded from v9 to v11, hosted on IIS. Site is at: http://stana.net/genealogy/. Standard display is fine. Mobile requests are recognized and generate correct display, but topmenu mobile buttons do not function. Trouble seems to center around this call: <a href="" id="mcore" onclick="return toggleMobileMenu('core');"></a>. Any advice before I dig in and break something would be appreciated. (See attached code snippet captured in sitever=mobile mode). Jeff
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  28. Extra menu item

    Maybe this article will help with implementing your new Churches media collection... https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Media_-_Collections
  29. Ancestry gedcom

    If (a big if) you are able to go the gedcom route, and use an editor (such as RJ TextEd) which shows you results of the 'search' or 'find' (all) before the 'replace' (all), you can easily scroll through and visually inspect the results before the doing the replace. And, to overstate the obvious, you do backups of your gedcom first. Then a simple find '@I' to '@P' is all that's necessary. Ron
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