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  2. Glad you were able to recover your site. You may need to plan on upgrading to the current TNG version since PHP 5.6.n is no longer supported and GoDaddy might decide to pull it.
  3. Because when I went to find the web page, it was gone. Called GoDaddy and they said the files had disappeared due to malware. I went in with CPanel and yes, they were gone. Fortunately, they didn't destroy the database.
  4. Glad you are up and running, however How do you know some malware cause the problem and not GoDaddy upgrading your site to PHP 7?
  5. You may need to check whether you can down grade PHP to 5.6.n. TNG 10 does not support PHP 7 If that is not possible, you will need to upgrade to TNG 12 and then come back for help on how to get your TNG 10 database upgraded to TNG 12.3 specifications
  6. Can't connect to the database... I am getting a window from ??? (below) and when I hit 'OK', the installation screen says in blue.. " Please wait, attempting to process"
  7. Enter the correct information and verify the connection. Then scroll down to the bottom of the readme screen and click the link to go to Admin. TNG at this point has only been updating the config.php You do not want to create the tables or anything else. At the point you click go to Admin, you may have to login.
  8. OK... I'm at the step where I want to connect the new TNG installation to my existing database. The install instructions have a place for the database username, password, and database name. If I enter that information, will TNG wipe out everything that is there and give me a new, blank database or will it just use the database that it finds in that location (which is what I'm trying to do)?
  9. You can extract the full install. Use the readme.html to install TNG. Hopefully you remember your Username and Password to connect to your database. When you get to the point it want to connect to the database and create the table, specify your existing database and verify that it connects. You should then exist the full install readme.
  10. Thanks for the response.. I'm running version 10.3... Since I posted, I went thru my emails and discovered the link to the upgrade. That link had an option to download the full version which I have done, and have found the install instructions there as well. I am now connected to my site via Filezilla and can move the full version to a directory. Now I just need to figure out how to connect the old database, but there are instructions for that on the link as well. Finding that info in an old upgrade link just didn't seem logical, but there it was! My searches for the info didn't produce any info that suggested that it might be contained in an a link in an old email. Thanks for your help!
  11. to what TNG version did you upgrade? Do you still have the zip file? The upgrade package only includes the files that were changed. Whenever you download an upgrade zip file, you should also download the full install as a backup for your TNG files. Need to know what TNG version you running. Some of the upgrades contain database updates.
  12. Some malware wiped out all of my files in GoDaddy, but the database was retained. I want to set TNG up again, but can't find any instructions for TNG installation. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to point TNG to the database once it's up and running, but I just need some info on how to reinstall TNG from the V10.3 upgrade zip file. I can unzip and move the files and folders to my GoDaddy site using filezilla, presumably under the site root (public_html), but then what should I do? Is there an installer that I need to run? Does the upgrade package include all of the files and software for a full site, or just the files that were upgraded?
  13. Hi I'm a new user (about 3 weeks) with a TNG 12.3 installation running on my own server. it's early days and I have a lot of things to load etc and have been playing about with some templates and mods to get a feel for what i want it to look like. One thing I was wondering is if anybody could point me towards, is there any way you can open a map from an album or a photo where there are GPS coordinates stored with the photo's. I have set up google maps for the place events and hot maps etc which seems ok Any help suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Tom My site, still very rough and ready and missing lots of photo's docs etc is https://victory4.co.uk/
  14. I've moved it to GEDCOMs and Software Roger
  15. Take a look at this article on the TNG Wiki - http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Media_-_Import this outlines what TNG is expecting in terms of folders and files for the different media collections that TNG supports. Did Webtrees have a similar structure? If so, you should be able to massage the GEDCOM file to suit TNG before importing. If Webtrees didn't support a similar structure, then it will be more difficult if for example all the media files are in a single directory - you'd have to first load them to TNG as photos and then move the non photos items to other collections. Roger
  16. pedrocorse

    heatmap take 50 seconds to open

    Hi, there are 32 304 rows in tng_places
  17. Guido van Harten

    birthday calendar

    I recently decided to stop using TNG for this moment. Maybe at a later time I'll come back. Thanks for helping to everyone.
  18. My apologies for putting this question in the new ideas and suggestions section. I did not realize I was inside this section when I posted. Is there a way to move this to general questions?
  19. edglimited

    Can anyone help Restore my Site?

    Just had a look at your site, that is one busy front page.
  20. Last week
  21. edglimited

    How did you hear about TNG?

    I was originally a user on WikiTree, but after being stabbed in the back and my profiles being changed by members who weren't even related to me, the search was on for another software package. I found Visual and Vista, which worked well (110%) for editing, behind the scenes, but needed something that could be used for presentation. TNG won the day.
  22. Rob Roy

    BCE Dates (Disregard)

    Great idea, fell apart in the end. Did anyone get a brilliant solution?
  23. Ken, I’ve been using Synium Software’s MobileFamilyTree app for 3 years. It is an iOs version of their Mac FamilyTree software. It is very rich with function and integrates directly with FamilySearch, so much of the data going into my tree is pulled directly from FamilySearch. I do not import anything from Ancestry or any other gedcoms. What doesn’t come from FamilySearch directly is keyed into the tree. I export a gedcom about weekly and do a complete refresh of TNG. Currently up to 25,500 records. I just use the gedcom import menu as-is with defaults to replace everything. Places are always add-new at TNG, which results in a mis-match of place details, so soon I will begin scratching Places from time-to-time and let it rebuild. I’m using TNG strictly for presentation on the web and do no official maintenance of tree data in TNG. Marty
  24. As far as I know you need a prefix. How did you get your data into the TNG database without a prefix. What tool are you using on iOS? know that I am not an Apple user TNG used to default person IDs to I but then users started importing Ancestry gedcoms which use a P
  25. No known issues with a blank prefix in settings.
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