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  2. But 950, or a few hundred is a very small percentage of Darrin's total TNG users - that's my point. And every Mod that Darrin incorporates becomes his to maintain which isn't always clear or easy. There was a LOT of work, and back and forth when Darrin incorporated the Google Maps add-on that I helped develop for TNG 6, which Darrin added in to TNG 6.1. I maintain or help with a number of sites that have zero (in some cases) and 1 or 2 (in other cases) Mods installed. Roger
  3. My Addons for Birthdays, Marriages and Deaths do allow for this - they show the events in a user's timezone (someone viewing the site) based on their time zone. See the Anniversaries List, Birthdays List and Deaths List addons shown on this page http://lisaandroger.com/downloads/ This is the list I see today at 10:30pm on 24 September in the USA You will see a different list in New Zealand on your 25th (i.e. right now) Roger
  4. Juergen Amling

    Upgrade v. 12.3 to 13 - Strict Standards error

    Hi Ken, I would agree with the idea for my host to define my time zone, if deleting the mods wouldn’t have solved the problem. After uninstalling and deleting the mods before the upgrade and then after installing some of the mods after the upgrade everything is fine. My host server is on Eastern (NY) time and in the miscellaneous setup of TNG I have -1 hour offset from server and so it shows the correct Central Time for me. And never before I had these errors, using TNG since at least Version 6. I really appreciate TNG so much. I have the perfect mixture between Legacy V 9 on my home computer and uploading GEDCOMS to TNG. And should one day MyHeritage discontinue Legacy I will probably totally change to TNG. And I really appreciate all the help that Darrin and all you others provide. Thanks so much. Juergen Amling
  5. bhemph

    Julian vs. Gregorian Calendars/Dates

    MySQL uses the proleptic Gregorian calendar. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/mysql-calendar.html This means that it acts like the Gregorian calendar was in use from the beginning. So it just will not like setting a true date field to 29 February 1700 or 29 February 1500 and will set the true date to 0000-00-00. It also will not like the valid Swedish date of 30 February 1712. It will set the text date field to that date that you entered, just not the date field that it uses for calculating ages and the like. What may have larger implications in your calculations used would be if New Year's Day changed. I it did, then you need to make sure that the year that ends up in the true date is the year as it would be seen as now. For example, George Washington was born on 11 February 1731, but he used the shift of the date to Gregorian which would then be 22 February 1731, but because New Year's Day was 25 March, we say that he was born 22 February 1732. Although this represents a full conversion from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar from what is recorded at the time he was born, other people born on the same day may have just continued to use 11 February as the day to celebrate their birthday and would then be recorded as having been born 11 February 1732. Being off a few days on the age calculation when the dates being compared span the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar is not really a big deal overall, especially if comparing the date to today. Just getting the year right to compare might be enough work, let alone if you have events in multiple calendar systems how to compare and record the dates. Scotland changed New Year's Day from 25 March to 1 January in 1600, but stayed on the Julian calendar until the entire UK went to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. More confusing can be the Quaker calendar during the 25 March New Year's Day time since they only used numbers for the months and we think of January instead of March as the first month. So just using the date that is listed and indicating or showing the source the date you have came from can be complicated enough without having to worry about doing anything about the Julian/Gregorian few day difference making a few calculations off by those few days.
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  7. Truly think you are missing the point Ken.. As you say TNG Users have to 'request' that Darrin incorporate the feature.. I asked about the date & time for client side (When I look at a site based in UK it is 12hrs behind me here in NZ so I see yesterdays birthdays etc) to be incorporated.. I think Darrin was part of that discussion.. I got from it, that 'maybe' it would be incorporated and the date & time standardised throughout TNG.. Now I think it has gone into the nether world never to be seen again.. Fair enough it might be too hard, not important (weird coz if folk get to see yesterdays or tomorrows b/days etc hmmmmm But then why does it work fine on one page but not the other?? AND has Darrin put it on any list of to do or to look at or to consider doing?? We don't know.. Do other folk want that or not?? We don't know?? And I concur with Philip "and then?" We are not trying to poke the stick or cause any upset. but would like to see if indeed ideas are actually considered or implemented?? Hey Maybe Philip & I could be the Mods for something like that here in the Forums.. No harm in opening a couple of new topics and seeing what the outcome is.. Not sure whom to ask about this, if you would let me know I would appreciate it..
  8. Then we need to allow the OP to be able to lock the thread. I couldn't find how to do that? I only used it recently when the fix was simple and solved. The only person who came on and said it wasn't working was in fact looking at the wrong file. Again, if I could have locked the thread the issue wouldn't have arisen....nor would our discussion have gone off on quite a tangeant. Again, if the thread could be locked on simple, solved posts, there would be no "tacked on" discussions. I tend to agree more with Ron's comments.... Phil
  9. RickM

    search form css

    Wow, very cool you did that.. I read somewhere someone else did that, and thought, shite that must of caused a few headyaches.. Looking at your site, which I do like the overall look and feel of, it seems that there is no padding/margins around either the <body> or first main <div> container. I added .width: 95%; .margin: 0 auto; to the <body> and .padding: 0 20px; to the <div> I attach before and after as seen on my laptop 15" with resolution 1920x1080. Kinda makes it look a little/lot better IMHO.. And please I do not mean any disrespect.. Site Before Site After You set .wide #page { max-width: 100%;} for this first main <div> container.. I wonder if the calculation comes from this?? If you would allow me login rights (create a User:Temp) and send me login and password.. I can have a play and see if I can work it out..
  10. Yesterday
  11. bhemph

    PDF font - can't open font

    Gary, If you delete the cached fonts, they are the cw127.php and mtx.php files in each of the DejaVu font folders, that should clear out the cached font paths and other data that is probably at the root of the problem. Usually if you can see the path to the font file and it looks good then it is something bad in one of the cache files. After deleting those files and running your pdf charts again, the software will regenerate the cache files and your reports should work. Brent
  12. So first of all, I’m not really interested in versions before 12, which is where I started. You don’t buy a product to find out what that product used to be like....but I love the idea of looking at all the features. And in fact I did that after I completed the upgrade. I paste all the change log details into a text file and started to draft an email to site users. Obviously I deleted things that only affected me as admin, didn’t need to mention 2 new templates (which were really one new and one refashioned template) and got to the point that I felt I didn’t have enough to warrant an email. I’m well aware of all the changes, thanks. I can’t help but think of the “One does not simply walk into Mordor” meme with that first sentence 😉 But my response to your final sentence (and in fact sums up this discussion nicely) would be......”and then?”
  13. Maybe you should all take a break and take a look at the features that have been added to TNG v13 and previous versions through the years by looking at the TNG Major Features on the TNG Wiki Main Page. While there you might also want to look at the different TNG Guides that are anchored in the left sidebar. (Note that you do not see a left sidebar, then your browser is running in mobile mode) Mods do not make it into TNG automatically simply because they are being used by a lot of users. TNG Users have to request that Darrin incorporate the feature in TNG.
  14. Agreed. As I mentioned, being relatively new here, I upgraded the moment I caught the link in the listserv postings (which I've said I stalk but haven't joined) for 3 reasons really...1) my obsession with having the latest software...2) to support Darrin and this superb product...and 3) because I was genuinely excited to see what was implemented. I was expecting to be able to say "Oh...that forum suggestion is in....that mod that everyone seems to talk about is in" etc etc....so I confess I was a bit disappointed. I have updated my site but didn't even bother telling users by email as I don't think they'll notice much. This is Darrin's product and it is up to him as to what gets put into it...but I guess I'm curious as to how that works? The fact that it is a malleable product that so many people support and offer amazing mods for, is superb....but I'm trying to understand at what point does a mod become mainstream? Especially if it has been around for so long? Look at it another way....if you're not capable of editing PHP or CSS...if you find mods off-putting and someone set up your TNG hosted site for you....what do you do if you have an idea for something you'd like to see implemented in the product itself? Email Darrin and post here maybe (FB too? I don't use it). And then what? That suggestion just goes out into the ether....you have no idea if it will ever see the light of day. A voting system might help? But again...Darrin's product. I'm not trying to suggest voting is a method of people somehow pushing him to implement something...I guess (and I don't like the word) it's just suggesting some more transparency? And showing hm what people are keen for? And look at my initial post here...I'm more than comfortable with not having that menu bar collapse. I disagreed with the notion of just getting used to it or not setting this thread to "Solved"...as it is now exactly how I want. That solution is now out there to see...and some/many/none may implement it...but how will we know? I'd love to see it be a feature you can tun on or off...but we'll never know if people also want that, unless I start a new thread about what is, frankly, a rather small piece of functionality, and I'm not going to do that (just as an FYI). Phil
  15. fluffy82

    search form css

    I actually don't use the TNG css. I emptied the genstyle.css file, which made all my tables, buttons, headlines,... take on the styling of my wordpress. I then went through every page to see where things went wrong (in most cases due to a TNG-specific css rule) and added the missing rules to my taste in the WP customizer. That's also how I'm absolutely certain both pages have the same css rules: I wrote them I'm quite sure the problem lies with the search/famsearch divs. The divs inside (searchformbox and searchsidebar) are calculated with a percentage of the parent. When I force the famsearch div to have the same width as the search div, it displays perfectly. I just need to find out how the search div calculates its width, and have famsearch do that as well. To avoid using 100% width for the reasons mentioned earlier.
  16. RickM

    search form css

    I have similar issues on my site.. As I also use WP I believe that some of the themes css over rides TNGs css.. It makes it hard sometimes to track down.. I haven't got to this actual issue in my upgrade path as yet, when I do I will try to remember to post the solution IF I do find it..
  17. manofmull

    RIP Prevention Mod

    I know it takes time for mod-makers to update mods, but I'm really missing this one. Brian/Brent: please update RIP Prevention for TNG13 asap, thank you (great mod)
  18. Ken, I think this is part of what we are discussing.. One should not expect that the suggestion is made, it will be included. However, perhaps there might be a following that wants that idea implemented, either by inclusion or by Mod. Implementing a voting system as one means of figuring 'Users/Purchasers' desires in future upgrades IMHO would be a win win for everyone.. Roger I agree with ManofMull.. Just to be clear, this is no slight on Darrin or TNG or indeed many of the fine folk who give of their own time in making & upkeeping Mods (at no personal gain for them). This is a discussion that should benefit ALL parties. If a major update say v13.5 to v14 was going to include x mods and y suggestions I'm sure that folk would have no difficulty understanding a small increase in price.
  19. Umm, maybe read the thread Ken? There is no voting system and we’re discussing trying to find how things get incorporated or could get incorporated in the future.
  20. Pops57

    PDF font - can't open font

    Thanks to your post, I checked and learned I had a similar issue. Mine involved pdf Histories and Word documents for some stories. I had to first go back in to Admin and reload, or re-link if you will, those files in the appropriate Media section - Histories, Documents, etc. After relinking them all, since I had links/ buttons on my Home page pointing to them, I went in to the Template settings and renewed the links in the appropriate places there. I'm not sure that's your exact issue but I would guess it may be. Be glad to hep if I can. Mike https://ellisofelkpark.com/ Template 207
  21. And even that doesn't say anything. I often download a mod and either fail to install it, or don't like the outcome, and end up deleting it. Sometimes I need to fiddle around with a mod to make it work. Keeping a copy of the original unused in my mods folder is just taking up space and is also confusing in the manager, so whenever I need a "clean" version, I just download it again from the Wiki. Granted, that doesn't happen a lot, but still... Of those 900 downloads, I'm sure there's only 800 or even less actually using it (some people also abandon their website over time).
  22. fluffy82

    search form css

    Yeah, it's bizarre... I've seen both in other people's sites, but it's always consistent. This one and this one have a break on both pages. This one and this one have no breaks on neither of the pages. My riddle is why I have a break on one page and not the other, while the css is identical for both...
  23. Roger Not exactly easy to define but your own post actually makes my point! 950 or a few hundred simply means that mods are being used, many for years. If this is the case (it is), then they should be incorporated, not just the handful during the last 10 years or so. Here's an example: Jeff Robison's mod Cemetery Session no longer works for TNG13 but I've used it from TNG8 to TNG12. It should have been part of TNG years ago. I've contacted Jeff in the hope he will update it. I got melancholy deleting it as it was the only TNG8 mod in my setup. Reading between the lines, I get the impression that not everyone is "over the moon" with TNG upgrades, say from 10 to 13 and I'm in that camp. TNG is very good but it could be better.
  24. fluffy82

    Citation links - gedcom import

    Yes! I did a "replace all" in the gedcom before importing, changing all _LINK tags into NOTE tags. The links now show in the citation, that's perfect. And superb that they show with the citation rather than the media, as I forgot that some citations (with link) don't have a media because it's useless (like indexes). Now I just have to either remember to do it before each upload, or try to fiddle it into your gedcom convertor
  25. What Voting System? Just because you put an entry in the Suggestion and New Ideas forum does not mean that Darrin will incorporate that suggestion.
  26. Ken Roy

    Upgrade v. 12.3 to 13 - Strict Standards error

    You should not need to Delete any mods. That way they are there for you to re-install or figure out which ones need new versions after you upgrade. Roger most likely indicated why it got resolved. TNG v13 was tested on PHP 7.4.9. The Strict Standards: date(): also tends to indicate that you need to you or your hosting service needs to define the Time Zone in your php.ini for your account
  27. You do leave out the bit about the voting system. I think the suggestion was that if you’re looking at what to incorporate first, it would be the widely used mods...again, they can’t be easily defined, but they could be discussed and voted for? I didn’t think my suggestion from Feb was all that challenging...I just wanted to see a more flexible system for posting a message when taking the site offline, including adding a comment in the back end that is displayed in the front end. If I do have to take the site offline, I now use a bootstrap hack that I have posted about to get a better message look and feel. Phil
  28. Ken Roy

    TNG 13 root path not filling after blank save.

    Roger, It changed in TNG 13. Change Log entry 93. Settings: Unless specifically entered, the Root Path value will now be calculated dynamically. You should not have to copy and paste the value in the input field. I am not sure when users might need to enter a value, but my guess is that Darrin got tired of telling users to clear the field, save the settings, re-open the settings, and save them again. When we first re-working the Mod Manager admin screen, Rick initially wanted to set the rootpath in the Mod Manager but then Darrin talk us out of it and indicated the $rootpath was being set in begin.php if it was empty.
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