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  2. Kevin, Do you have access to the files in your server? If not, I recommend you read up on how you can get access. I use the Filezilla program ... https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=FileZilla_-_FTP_Client Your host provider should be able to give you the access codes.
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  4. Merv, thanks for the reply. Sounds easy when you know what your talking about! Kevin
  5. Person marked as living, death date present

    Check the gedcom exported by FTM in a text editor - the issue is likely to be there.
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  7. Best Practice FTM and TNG

    I've not found a way to synchronize my FTM database on my laptop with my TNG online database. Given the problems that Ancestry and now MacKiev have in synchronizing databases, it appears to be technically challenging. My TNG setup only allows proposed changes sent to me via email. I manually make the changes to my master FTM database and then export to TNG. I do not get a large number of requests for changes so the manual editing isn't a problem. There are a few quirks in exporting FTM to TNG that I have not completely mastered yet that are bigger problems for me.
  8. Most wanted page

    Thanks, a bad attack of brain fade, I have been writing too much VB and overwrote the html part of my brain!
  9. Most wanted page

    You should be able to use HTML codes like < p > (without the embedded blanks so the HTML code does not get formatted here). You may be able to use other HTML code as well.
  10. Most wanted page

    When entering the description for Elusive People, is it possible to do any formatting? I just want to create some line breaks .. https://wokingfamily.com/mostwanted_ww.php
  11. Date Columns wrapping in reports

    I looked briefly at the Report Generator since my Military Service reports also wrap the date and I see no option on the Report Generator page that would allow specifying a column so that it would use nw (no wrap) class.
  12. Date Columns wrapping in reports

    The mod that Jay refers to changed the way the Date Column was used specifically in getperson.php but conflicts with the Mobile Site Enhancements mod, so the mod is no longer supported. Without using underscores, you might be able to use the TNG css class=nw to prevent the column from wrapping. If the report is coming from the report generator, maybe you should ask the question on the user2list since most SQL experts appear to use the list rather then the forum
  13. Camera icon for photos

    I agree that its likely that some settings would control this (hopefully). When I check people that these photos are linket to I see that the privacy flag is set. So, yes thats the link! Problem solved
  14. Date Columns wrapping in reports

    Ken, Could the code you're using here also be used to tweak the column widths on a report? I'm still trying to figure out how I can set a particular column width on a Veteran's Report without using underscores in column names.
  15. How to remove Image Control

    OK,....now I see my misunderstanding. The image viewer gives you the extra controls, whereas otherwise, you see the enlarge image w/o any controls. Sorry to have bothered anyone with this question. I thought it prevented image viewing of non-documents altogether. My bad. Ron
  16. How to remove Image Control

    Documents are high proportion because of numerous parish records and census images.
  17. When I import a GEDCOM (exported from FTM 2017) into TNG ( v. 11.0.2), I have a large number of persons marked as living with the death date present. I do not understand why TNG marks these people living. There is no "LIVING" tag in the GEDCOM 5.5 standard so this appears to be something that TNG is interpreting during import. It appears that many of the people marked as living have a null CHR (christening) tag without a date or place in the GEDCOM. Deleting the empty christening fact in FTM displays the deceased person. Unfortunately I have thousands of these entries in my FTM database and no easy way to clean it up. Is there a work around to fix this problem? Here is an example http://www.trippgenealogy.org/tng/getperson.php?personID=I58157&tree=Master In this example, 7 of the 14 children are reported as living although all were born before 1860.
  18. TNG and WORDPRESS MOBILE integration

    This helped clean up the type that was overlayed, however, I want to remove the entire section of these links that appear above the "Family Tree" heading on mobile devices, because it is unnecessary. Thanks.
  19. How to remove Image Control

    Hi Ron, On my site I have 2,261 photos, 275 headstones and only 62 documents. I see that your site has 948 Photos 271 headstones and 1,401 Documents which seems a high proportion of documents. With my "Documents Only" setting Any media that are images (jpeg, png etc) and are loaded into the Documents collection do get the image viewer overlay Any media that are images (jpeg, png etc) and are loaded into any other collection do not get the image viewer overlay You can first try checking your "Documents Only" setting and then try viewing images in your Photos or Headstone collections again. To answer your other query... access to the documents is the same to any other media type. I can click on the thumbnail or the link
  20. Date Columns wrapping in reports

    Jay, I no longer support that mod since it conflicts with the Mobile Site Enhancements mod.
  21. Unable to upload GEDCOM-file to TNG

    Are you using TNG to upload the file with this (the top button) are are you uploading the file by FTP and then just using TNG to import the file? with the "Select..." button? If you're doing the first, try the second. Roger
  22. Date Columns wrapping in reports

    I see that there is a fix to date columns wrapping on the 'getperson.php" files with a MOD created by Ken Roy. Is there a fix for the same problem on various search results pages? I have birth date columns that read b. 31 jan 1971 instead of b. 31 jan 1971. Thanks in advance for any help. Jay
  23. User List (saved and/or printed)?

    You could easily create a Users List report SELECT personID, realname, email, description, branch, date(dt_registered) AS Reg_Date, disabled AS xx, date(lastlogin) AS Last_Login FROM tng_users ORDER BY xx, realname, Last_Login, Reg_Date You appear to be worried that somehow changes could take place without you doing them. I do not see that as possible unless someone has access to your login and password. As long as ALL of your users cannot edit profiles or have any custom admin editor privileges.
  24. User List (saved and/or printed)?

    Hmm . . . that's pretty much as I expected. I do not allow anyone to edit their user profile because I want to maintain control of access. So I will need to make sure I keep a clean, updated list for administrative use off site. That's OK . . . it's what I am used to. Thanks!
  25. How to remove Image Control

    Merv, Thanks, but any idea why it's treating all my media as documents? (image viewer overlay appears to be on for all my media). So your photos, what happens, are the thumbs still there, is the hyperlink to the showmedia removed? More academic than anything, just wonder if it's something to do with the way my collection folders are setup. Ron
  26. How to remove Image Control

    It turns off the image viewer not viewing but yes it does appear to be contradictory, The reasons why I use the "Documents Only" setting are. Images load markedly faster without the image viewer overlay I rarely used the image viewer facility anyway and then only for documents because the image viewer can zoom in on the small print that some documents have. I know many devices and browsers these days also allow zooming, but some of my users may not have access to these... and there is no option to remove the viewer all together anyway.
  27. I am a long time FTM user and a brand new TNG user, so please excuse me if I am asking questions that may have been covered before. My purpose of setting up TNG was to bring together relatives who will be interested in expanding my existing family tree which already covers many common ancestors. I work with FTM and online services to add facts, media related data to that same tree. It seems to me that there is a place in the genealogy world for both FTM (or the like) and TNG. My question\problem is; if people make changes to TNG and I make changes to FTM how do I get them to be in sync? The most recent iteration of FTM has the facility to sync FTM with published trees on Ancestry.com. Is there a way that i can do the same with FTM and TNG? Thanks, Mark
  28. User List (saved and/or printed)?

    I've never seen anything other than an SQL query listing of users' profile, but excluding passwords, which seem to be encrypted in the database, according to phpMyAdmin. Users passwords are likely not to be seen, only reset, even by Admin, and are private since, e.g., say they assign or are allowed to reset them, they might assign a password they use elsewhere on other sites. Ron
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