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    I searched for "Bot-Trap Mod" on the community and Found 3,512 results.  Something's wrong.  The top page in the results has "bot" in the page source, but not "bot-".  Was something changed recently or is this some user error? 

    bot-trap bad search.JPG

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    Try searching for it ONLY in the TNG Wiki

    Type in bot   ......  and several selections should appear, Bot-Trap Mod being one of them.



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    I was originally looking specifically for discussion and commentary about the mod in the community, not on the wiki.  (I didn't think there was a "discussion" section on the wiki; am I wrong about that?)

    The reason I started this thread in (Community) Feedback was because I think there's a problem with search on the Community.  Or maybe I'm making a mistake, in which case I guess this thread could belong in questions-and-answers.

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    Try it again, newest release resolve the - character (I believe).  

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