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Community Support

Support / Feedback / Bugs We have enabled a support queue, which will allow you to submit questions to TNG Community Administrators.  Please use this support queue to obtain help related to this site. The feedback and bugs area is still here, just placed under the support menu.




Community Upgrade

We completed an upgrade to the latest version core software that runs this site.  Here are a few areas of improvement: Customized Activity Streams Search Functionality There is much more behind the scenes.   You are our best source of feedback.  Please report any bugs in the Feedback area or contact an admin if you encounter problems.




TNG Community Online!

Welcome to the new site!   We know this is going to be a big change for everybody.  There are many new features and a different layout.  It will take some time to get used to, but we are confident that this upgrade is needed to keep the community growing.   There are some known bugs in this software that need to be resolved and we are working on them. The search feature is one notable example.  We are aware of this and are working on finding a resolution. Bug Report  If you see something that does not work or you want to suggest adding a feature, please go to the feedback area and put it on the list.  If it is not there we are are not tracking it. We also opened a question and answer forum where you can ask questions about the new features on this site.  We are all going to learn together.  Questions and Answers Enjoy!  



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